Chill Out with Specialist Air Conditioning Repair

Chill Out with Specialist Air Conditioning Repair

AC Repair in UtahThere is nothing worse than an AC unit that doesn’t work. If you find your AC unit is in need of repair, just call the experts that care. They can fix it quickly and efficiently.

Air conditioning units are functional.  In the summer when it’s sweltering, it sucks all the warm air right out of the room and sends it over cold pipes with circulating cooling fluid.  A dehumidifier then removes the moisture from the air. The colder air is then moved over a heated element and is blasted out of a separate grille, back into the room to give it a clearer, fresher and cooler feel – a breath of fresh air from the hot and sticky weather. AC units can ease respiratory conditions and remove contaminants like pollen and dust mites.

How to Use Your AC Unit for Heat

In the winter, it may also double as a heating unit if it has a reversing valve.  This changes the direction that the coolant flows and instead of venting the cold air into your room, it will vent hot air to help keep you warm on a chilly Utah day.  You can also turn up the heating element in your air conditioner so that it acts as a heater. That’s what makes an AC unit so indispensable.

AC Unit Faults

If your air conditioner if faulty, Utah’s premier air conditioner service company can get it running smoothly again, have a prompt call out system and affordable pricing. As well as repair they also service so you can avoid costly bills. An expert from Airtime Heating & Cooling notes that having your air conditioner regularly serviced can prolong its life, or if you would rather, they can put in a brand new one for you.  For maintenance, installation, tune up and heating repair, Draper, just give the team a call.