3 Things You Can’t Forget to Say in Your Marriage Proposal Speech

3 Things You Can’t Forget to Say in Your Marriage Proposal Speech

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What’s more nerve-racking than getting down on one knee and asking, “Will you marry me?” Well, the speech before the will-you-marry-me part. It’s the buildup to that big, romantic question that always gets men all antsy—and for good reason. Whatever you say before you pop the question can make or break your actual proposal. That’s why you really have to work on your speech, rehearse if necessary, and make sure that you don’t choke on words. Here are the things you can’t afford to forget to say in your proposal speech:

When you realized your partner is the one

Take a trip down memory lane and try to highlight one significant moment in your relationship when you realized that you would want to spend the rest of your life with your partner. The more specific, the better. It will communicate to your significant other that indeed, that moment made an impact on you. Thus, populate your story with details as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if it seems uneventful. Reminisce about that time they brought you breakfast when you were sick or that moment you saw them slumped on your couch, fast asleep after a long day at the office. There’s something heartwarming in these trivial moments; you discovered they’re perfect for you. Tell that story.

What you love about your partner

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You want your significant other to feel extra loved and special on this relationship milestone. Hence, affirm them. Again, be specific as much as you can. Share instances in your relationship when you knew for sure that they were indeed kind, loving, patient, generous, adventurous, and all the things you think they are. Your significant other will appreciate it so much that all along, you have been paying attention to these little deeds. Keep these things you love about your partner while shopping for the ring as well. There are certain colors and stones that symbolize specific meanings. For instance, garnets symbolize unity of passion and serenity. Emeralds represent beauty and love. Sapphires mean loyalty. If you visit a store in Utah, an expert jeweler can guide you through your choices.

How you see yourself in the future

Talk about your goals and dreams. Let them know that you envision a future with them. If you’ve discussed before—hopefully you did—building a home and having kids, bring that up. This time, show them that you’re serious about committing to these dreams and making them a reality. This will be your perfect lead-in to the four important words of closing your proposal. You can say, “I want to do these things, hopefully with you by my side. Will you marry me?” Get down on your knee, reach for your pocket, and pop the ring.

Again, remember that your speech is an important element in your entire proposal stint. The buildup is just as crucial as the climax. While going spontaneous works for many, most men just go tongue-tied when they’re already facing the love of their life and envisioning themselves asking the big, romantic question. Prepare well then. Go practice if necessary. Don’t forget to say these three important things. Best of luck!