Make Her Say Yes: Planning the Perfect Wedding Proposal

Make Her Say Yes: Planning the Perfect Wedding Proposal

You’re ready to take the big leap toward wedded bliss. Congratulations! Finally deciding to settle down with your special someone is a big life decision. However, knowing how to pop the question to make things official can be equally challenging. It is a significant undertaking that even the most romantic people can have a hard time figuring out how to propose. Sure, you can just go down on your knees, grab her hand, and say the magic words, but will it be a good enough story to tell at parties?

Worry not, because we got your back. From buying your diamond wedding band to capturing the exact moment when your significant other says “yes,” here are a few ways to make your proposal unforgettable:

Make sure you’re on the same page

Since marriage is a major life decision, it’s good to know that both you and your partner have marriage in mind before you start planning anything. Yes, you might be ready to put a ring on it at this point in your life, but does your partner feel the same way? Talk to your partner about your plans for the future.

Does she want to get married? Can she imagine a future life with you? Is she ready to make a family? Are your goals in life the same? Ensure that your partner is willing to spend a lifetime with you before you ask for her hand in marriage. Confidence is the key to knowing that you’re making the right move.

Timing is everything

After ensuring that you’re partner definitely wants to marry you, the next factor to consider is whether it is the perfect time to propose. She might imagine a sweet married life with you, but it is also possible that she has a bucket list of things she wants to do first before getting married.

Does she want to travel places first before getting married, or perhaps, boost her career first by getting promoted? Does she want to finish her post-graduate degree first before tying the knot? As someone who loves and cares for your partner, you must understand that she may want to fulfill these goals first to feel whole as a person. This does not mean that she loves you less.

Pick the ring


Of course, no proposal is complete without the icing on the cake—the engagement ring. It is the symbol of your commitment to never-ending love. Since your future fiance will be wearing it for a lifetime, it is important to find one that looks timeless but also fits her personality and style.

Look at the types of jewelry she wears to know whether it’s better to buy a diamond wedding band in gold or platinum. Does it have to be a diamond? Or will she like another gemstone that has a special meaning to her? Take cues on what she loves. After all, she will be wearing the ring every day for the rest of her life.

Choose a meaningful location

When you are confident that both you and your partner want to settle down, you can proceed with choosing a location for the proposal. Pick a place that has a sentimental meaning to your relationship. It could be as simple as the place where you first met or the restaurant where you had your first date.

If you are high school sweethearts, it can be your old hometown. If you want to go the extra mile, it can be the travel destination that you’ve been dying to visit as a couple.

Be creative

Make the occasion extra memorable by going out of the box—write a poem, sing a song, create an audiovisual presentation of your photos and videos together, prepare a dance number—anything creative and sincere to tell her what you love about her and how you see your future together.

Be cautious, however, if you are going to make it a private or a public proposal, and if you’re going to involve your families and friends. It all depends on your partner’s personality if she is most comfortable with a private one-on-one proposal or a full-fledged family affair.

Capture the moment

We live in a time when we take pictures of the most mundane everyday things, so capturing the exact moment that your partner agrees to marry you is a must. This way, you can always relive the special day and share it with your family and friends as well. You can prepare a camera to record the event on your own, or you can hire a professional proposal photographer or videographer.

Depending on the type of your proposal (private or public), the photographer or videographer can capture the moment discreetly from the sidelines or can be more involved.

With careful planning and a bit of creativity, you can make your dream wedding proposal possible. What’s most important is that you can pay tribute to the beautiful relationship that you share with your special someone. A heartfelt proposal will always be beautiful and unforgettable.