What Makes a Solar Company Reliable?

What Makes a Solar Company Reliable?

Technician checking the solar panels

Having a new photovoltaic system installed for your home is not like having any other energy systems. The quality of the system, installation requirements, as well as regulatory standards must be considered. Reliable solar companies in Salt Lake City know this by heart. The growth of the use of solar energy as a power source has made the energy industry diverse yet more prone to aggressive competition. Hence, choosing the right solar company is essential.

Experience and Reputation

Choosing a reputable solar company is enough considering that the industry is still relatively young. Still, look for experience as it may give you an idea of the company’s capabilities. A solar company’s experience and reputation speak of its time in the industry, credentials, and expertise. To last long or be reputable means that the provider has established a good track record of serving many clients, including the types of solar installations made for each client. With such track record comes a certification from a national or continental association such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Solar PV Installation Professional Certification.

Licenses and Insurance

These are typical requirements for any business organization. Since a solar company is already certified, one must expect it to be also licensed and insured from local and state jurisdictions. A business license to operate the business is, of course, mandatory. Typical business licenses normally include general contracting, electrical, home improvement, and even home improvement performance licenses. As with licenses, liability insurance is a minimum requirement.


Man with mini solar panels

These protect your investment just like the way product warranties do to consumer products. Workmanship warranties in the industry may range from one to 10 years. Specific to design and construction of solar energy systems, these warranties should not be overlooked. You can buy a contract for operating and maintaining your system, but it is recommendable to purchase from a qualified installer that has a workmanship warranty.

Subcontractor Use and Oversight

Normally, solar providers need subcontractors to do some tasks when installing energy systems. When you choose a provider, ask for policies on how they choose subcontractors. They should provide information on these even if you do not ask. You should also ask if they have effective oversight during subcontracting work. It is prudent to know more about these policies as you will know if quality work is maintained or not. A reputable subcontractor is an ideal subcontractor. It tells if a solar provider is consistent with quality management objectives.

Guidance on Design and Maintenance

Choosing a solar company should not end with experience or quality assurance policies. They must be trustworthy partners that guide you as a customer from installation to the rest of your investment’s life. They do not only effectively work with you on how solar sources help homes and businesses, but they also advise you on how to best maintain and protect your investment and ensure positive returns.

Solar energy systems have indeed made renewable energy sources viable and sustainable options for home and business use. As the market for solar energy expands, it is pertinent to also be picky with quality service. Young as the industry is, it is still primal to check on what a provider can offer, especially when it comes to service and guidance.

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