What to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Oven

What to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Oven

Ovens are commonly used in residential, commercial, and even industrial purposes. This kitchen equipment is used in making bread and pastries and even sumptuous savory meals. Some ovens are also built with a gas range, hence preparing and cooking food is easier, convenient, and more practical.

Ovens also vary depending on its use. Of course, the bigger industrial ovens from SupaGEEK Designs in New Jersey are intended for mass production of baked goods or any related kinds of foods. On the other hand, there are ovens that are exclusively made for home cooking and for food establishments such as bakeries and restaurants.

Types of industrial ovens

In choosing an oven, you should first consider what you will use it for. If you are looking for an oven that will be useful for batch production, you should consider getting an industrial oven. However, there are different types of industrial ovens you can also choose from depending on the features and benefits you are looking for.

1. Forced convection ovens

This type of industrial oven is also known as a mechanical convection oven. It uses a fan system which is specially made to disperse heat faster when baking food samples. It may be ideal for producing larger batches or samples.

2. Gravity convection oven

It uses the heat rising process to bake and dry food samples through this type of oven. It is also a popular kitchen appliance used for industrial baking and drying.

3. Gas oven

This one is also a popular type of oven, whether for residential, commercial, and industrial use. It usually has initial higher expenses but can have higher ROI in the long run due to its lower running costs.

4. Vacuum oven

This type of oven is ideal for degassing, moisture determination, and drying. It prevents heat transfer and ensures uniform temperature so that the baked samples are cooked evenly.

What to look for in an industrial oven

Stainless steel kitchenBy now, you already have an idea of some popular ovens commonly used for industrial purposes. Industrial ovens are either for batch or continuous production. However, it is best to know the following things to look for in an industrial oven.

1. Size

Determining the right size, you need in an industrial oven is important. For one thing, it depends on how much space you need to put all of the baked goods in. More so, you should also consider the average number of customers you serve regularly.

2. Temperature

It is also important to know the minimum and maximum amount of temperature needed in every food production. On the one hand, high-temperature ovens are ideal for food production that needs consistently high temperatures. On the other hand, low-temperature ovens may be enough for curing, baking, and drying foods.

3. Speed

Convection ovens may be ideal for a faster cooking process. Nonetheless, it is important to choose an oven that can guarantee a faster cooking process. This is essentially important if you have a food business where your customers are almost always hungry when they step into your establishment.