The Industrial Chic: Metallic Influence on Interior Design

The Industrial Chic: Metallic Influence on Interior Design

Metallic Interior DesignToday, designers believe that metallic influences are a consistent trend in interior design. Using them is hardly new as they are a typical component of homes seen for a different function, such as in appliances and kitchenware.

But as people continue to appreciate the significance of repurposing and sustainability, they use metals unusual to their functions from wallpapers to tiles.

Learn how metals will provide a different touch to a home’s interior.

Warm it Up

Bring out the golden hue in your kitchen and living room by applying copper sheets on your walls or on the backsplash tiles on your countertops. You can combine the copper design with mosaic tiles for a more aesthetic approach. It is also a good alternative to brick or natural rock tiles on your fireplace, which will give it a classy romantic look.

Repurpose copper sheets from other home renovations or look for artisans who can help you with the application of copper in your interior.

Bring the Glamour In

Gold and brass were a trend back in the 1980s and they’re coming back on homes in subtle functions. They can function now as wallpapers, furniture and ornamental decors. Urban95 suggests adding gold or brass artworks to give your interior a rustic glamour.

Spice up your wood furniture by painting it in gold or covering some parts of it with gold-plated metals. You can also add lighting fixtures that come in gold or brass color. For a more dramatic flair, mix them with furniture or walls with darker hues.

Go Architecturally Green

For a natural approach to your metallic finishes, use corrugated metals. Designers use them for walls, ceilings, bathrooms, and cabinets. Apart from being environmentally friendly, they can accentuate your interior using their texture. Also, they are easy to bend and mold in forms to match your home’s structure.

Make Them Shiny

Stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, and chrome are a top choice for their reflective qualities. They give your kitchen and bath fixtures a range of dull to shiny brushed finish. You can also style these metals either with an ornamental detail or a minimal style for staircase railings, banisters, and door and cabinet handles.

Give your home a new kick with the metallic approach and bring the best out of your interior by giving it a personal touch.