Current Trends in Furniture and Interior Design

Current Trends in Furniture and Interior Design

Well-furnished roomAside from their functionality and aesthetic value, home furnishings add up to your total home value. However, designs change to suit the current trends and needs of the buyers. For that, some homeowners replace their old furnishings in a few years’ time.

Before you actually make a purchase, here is Furniture Expo Outlet’s update on current trends in furniture and interior design:

Kitchen cabinets in two tones

For a clean and neat look, use neutral colors like white or gray for the upper cabinets. Lower cabinets can be in deeper tones like bright blue or green. The idea is to have different directions for a stylish look.

Outdoor fabric replacing indoor fabric

Outdoor fabrics are durable and stain-resistant. For high-traffic areas like the dining and living rooms, outdoor fabrics are better than the traditional indoor ones. You can use them in sofas, kitchen and dining room chairs, and even as shower curtains.

Deep drawers

Instead of a lower cabinet, you may use cabinets with deep drawers for easy storage. Install them under the sink or range top. Furthermore, use dividers to organize your pans and other kitchen utensils.

Warm metals mixed with natural materials

You can mix metals like brass, gold, and copper with natural materials like marble and wood. They make a good combination for furnishings in the bathroom and kitchen.

70s furnishings

Furnishings of the 1970s are bold and raw, reflections of the free-spirited nature of the era. Inspired by these, musician-turned-furniture designer Lenny Kravitz came up with lights and accessories in polished metals and geometric patterns.

Huge-format tiles

Kitchens and bathrooms have never been the same with these huge format tiles. Such tiles come in more or less 31 by 71 inches. You can use these tiles in your fireplace as a sight to behold!

Home furnishings make life easy and comfortable, but they need replacement as well. For good-quality items, purchase only from reputable dealers to get your money’s worth.