Current Trends in Graphic Design For Marketing

Current Trends in Graphic Design For Marketing

graphic designingYour company website is one of your most powerful marketing tools. It is, therefore, important to be careful when designing it to ensure that it positively affects your marketing campaign.

Hiring a qualified and equipped graphic design company in Utah could be beneficial to your marketing efforts. But Red Rider Creative notes that graphic design is not a one-time venture. Redesigning your website continually is essential to keep up with changing trends and stay relevant to your clients.

Here are the current graphic design trends you should incorporate into your marketing strategies:

Flat Designs

These designs eliminate shadows and design features, which make your graphics appear three-dimensional. Flat designs require less complicated images and coding, as well as include larger buttons, clearer fonts, and expansive white spaces. These designs are faster to load across all devices; therefore improving the user experience.

Solid Light Backgrounds with Meticulous Cut-Out Images

This trend is made of detailed cutout illustrations on entirely solid color backgrounds. It is one of the most featured trends on top-rated modern websites. This design calls attention to your products and encourages customers to focus your product’s features. The graphics style mainly works for one-page sites and parallax scrolling.

Custom Icons and Illustrations

If you are still using stock photos on your site, then you are trailing far behind your competition. Custom animations are the central graphic design tactic in current marketing circles. They allow online users or your visitors to interact with your organization in a fun yet informative manner. The customization identifies your brand and makes your product stand out in a crowded market.

Web design is shifting from typical rectangles and squares toward unique geometric shapes. These give you room to add other trends without overpowering your online traffic. Consumers are visual and a good graphic design is your most powerful tool for communicating a visual message to your target customers.