An Overview of the Criminal Defense Procedure

An Overview of the Criminal Defense Procedure

man arrestedWhen you are accused of a crime, whether you committed it or not, you will need to have a defense attorney by your side. A criminal defense lawyer in Marysville, for instance, can help you develop a strong defense strategy to deal with the accusations, help you post bail, and negotiate plea bargains. Below is a detailed overview of a criminal defense process:

Posting bail

After an arrest, what the majority of defendants want is to get out of jail. Aside from the usual inconveniences, being in jail means no working and no more earning.

To be released from jail, you will need to post a bail, and if you cannot afford to do this, a defense lawyer can persuade the judge to reduce the amount. This is achieved by insisting that you don’t pose any danger to other people and that you have strong ties with the community.

Plea bargaining strategies

A significant number of criminal cases do not get to trials. Your criminal defense attorney will enter into a plea bargain, which is also known as a settlement agreement. In other words, you will agree to plead guilty in exchange for a lenient sentence.

Presenting a sure defense to the jury

To succeed in a case trial after it has proceeded to the jury, a persuasive and coherent theory explaining how the defendant has been wrongfully accused can be presented. A criminal defense attorney will keep insisting on this theory throughout the court proceedings. Developing an appropriate story and effectively presenting it in court is the main objective of every defense lawyer.

The complicated justice system is not fit for people to represent themselves in court. If you have been accused of a crime, it’s prudent to hire a defense lawyer to defend your rights effectively. Also, whether you plead guilty or not, your legal representative will help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible.