The Role of a Bail Bondsman

The Role of a Bail Bondsman

bailAfter many crime TV series, knowing the concept of bail is easy enough. A bail bondsman, however, isn’t that featured in these shows. So what is a bail bondsman? What do they do?

The Bondsman

Bailable cases allow the court to release the defendants from jail should they have enough money to pay a set amount. This, however, doesn’t ensure total freedom because the court could still summon that person to a hearing. Many suspects cannot afford what the court asks, which is why many look for a certified bail bondsman in Washington County or any area near the defendant. These people offer services to criminal offenders through paying the accused’s bail in court.

Bail bonds agents help pay the amount set by the court. Often, a defendant contacts a bondsman. They talk and agree on certain aspects. Once the bondsman is ready to render the service, the defendant’s family pays a fraction of the total bail and/or agrees to give the bondsman lien over certain assets of the accused depending on the agreement. Often, the rate is equivalent to 10% of the total bail plus the lien over the assets as per the initial deal. Land, cars, and other valuables can be as assets. It also includes a service fee.

The Duties

The primary duty of a bondsman is to pay the defendant’s bond should the accused fail to show up in court. Being a bondsman entails a lot of work especially before granting a service. The agent has to verify the background of the defendant along with their criminal record. This is to calculate the risk of that person showing up or otherwise in court. As this is a risky trade, many companies impose strict rules before granting service. The agent is also responsible for any paperwork involving the lien of properties.

After payment of the bail, the agent works to set the defendant free. This, however, could take a few hours because of the legal documents that need to be filled out. Once the judge releases the defendant, they are free again but are required to show up in the next hearings.

A bail bondsman has many responsibilities in helping defendants bail out of jail. With proper knowledge, it’s easy to find a reliable bail bondsman in Saint George or elsewhere for assistance.

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