Design Trends to Consider for Your Planned Summer Pool

Design Trends to Consider for Your Planned Summer Pool

Man renovating a swimming pool

Summer may still be a few months away, but you can start planning for a swimming pool that will beat the heat. For inspiration, you can consider the swimming pool design trends of this year. Even if you already have a pool, you can perhaps renovate it to add some of the features mentioned here.

If you’re planning to build a custom pool in your Salt Lake City home, you’ll find this guide helpful.

Knife Edge Pool

Knife edge pools have slots at the top inside edge of the coping where the water spills over into, allowing the pool to appear like a flat mirror on the ground. Now, you can be the average homeowner and still have such a pool. You can expect it to be the talk of the town for its impressive design.

Light Colors

When it comes to the color of the pool surface, blue continues to be the dominant choice. Some pool owners, however, have opted for other colors such as white, black, and dark blue. You can have a white pool surface but refrain from darker shades, as they will only attract more heat in summer. You can also opt for different shades of blue using ceramic and glass tiles.

Fire and LED

Based on the latest pool lighting trends, you can light your pool in two different ways. You may use fire in fire pits or colored LED lights for variety. You can even integrate the two.

Hardscape Options

Of course, when you have a pool, you must think about the surroundings. Pool owners today opt for unique hardscapes, such as porcelain tiles, glass tiles, granite, and pebbles. Concrete continues to be a good minimalist and cost-effective choice.

Did you find a feature you like? You can integrate these trends into your own pool plan. A custom pool company here can help with your pool landscaping and hardscaping needs.