6 Things Men Over 40 Should Know to Stay Healthy

6 Things Men Over 40 Should Know to Stay Healthy

By the age of 50, most men will have acquired or suffered certain diseases that go with age. However, that does not mean you can’t be an exception to the norm. Not while you can do something to either prevent or slow it down.

This is why it is important to always go to the doctor regularly for a check-up. It helps keep track of your body’s development and progress. If you went to get that ultrasound scan in London or saw your cardiologist in Birmingham, there is a great chance you can prevent some serious illness from happening.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. We have listed below some things you can do to help keep sicknesses and diseases at bay.

6 Simple Things Middle-Aged Men Can Do to Stay Healthy

1. Eat healthily.

Somebody once said that fitness and great health start in the kitchen. While no one particular food can help reduce the risk of you getting a disease, certain types of food should be in your diet and some that should be taken out.

If you are unsure of which ones to do away with, which ones to keep, and which ones to add, consult a physician or a dietician to help you determine the best diet for your physical condition and medical history.

2. Keep an eye on your belly.

Men are more prone to getting diabetes that women. Over the years, as your belly gets bigger and rounder, your blood sugar levels also silently spike. One of the factors that put men at a higher risk of diabetes is a bigger waistline.

Shaving off a few inches can help prevent it from developing, and in some cases, even reverse the condition.

3. Never put off taking care of your mental health.

One of the top health threats to men today is depression. Statistically, one out of four men is fighting depression, anxiety, and other mental conditions.

You need to have a better understanding of what clinical depression is. It is not just hitting a bad spot or being in a rut. It is an emotional and mental disturbance that can greatly affect and threaten your health.

If there are things you are dealing with and can’t wrap your head around, don’t prolong the agony. Talk to someone. Reach out to people. Go see a specialist if you have to. It is never a shameful thing to take care of your mental and psychological well-being.

4. Improve your fertility.

Yes. You can still improve your fertility despite your age. It is a wide known fact that a man’s sperm count decreases as he gets older.

Lifestyle is also a factor in compromising a man’s reproductive health. Obesity and poor diet, drinking, smoking, and substance abuse can all affect a man’s fertility. This could lead to domestic problems especially when the couple wants to have a baby.

Living a generally healthy lifestyle can help optimise your sperm count. Supplements like L-Carnitine and selenium also help improve sperm quality. Certain lifestyle changes have to be made if you want to have a healthier reproductive system.

5. Take note of your bone density.

While it is mostly an issue associated with women, men are not entirely safe from osteoporosis, especially if they have a family history of the disorder or if they suffered a fracture before.

It is recommended to have your bone density measured so that you can assess the risks and take the necessary steps to prevent osteoporosis from developing. If your bone density is low, you can do something about it by drinking liquor less, stopping smoking, and having enough calcium intake. Exposure to sunlight to keep your vitamin D levels up also helps, as well as taking the right supplements.

6. Get your body moving.

Man training for boxing

No health-tip list is ever complete without exercise. As you grow older, the need for exercise also increases. However, the hardest thing about working out is getting started. Most of us are better motivated by bacon and the couch than sweating and exercising.

It is important to note that exercising does not necessarily mean hitting the gym and lifting weights until your whole body is sore. A simple walk around the block or a few minutes of jogging does wonders for your health. As you get fitter, you can adjust the physicality level of your exercises.

Men’s health should no longer be taboo today. You need to start talking about your health and taking it more seriously as you age. Living your life to the fullest means you enjoy a long, meaningful, and healthy life. If you want to live the full life, you have to start taking the necessary steps to get there.