Branding Strategies: What Made Colgate Such a Successful Brand

Branding Strategies: What Made Colgate Such a Successful Brand

When we think of oral healthcare, we think of the Colgate brand. This brand is known in the worldwide market and continues to grow up to this day. It’s one of the best brands to consider learning from if you want to grow your brand through marketing.

Colgate is a multi-billion dollar company that’s selling its products to more than 200 countries. It has more than 30,000 employees today, and the company continues to expand and grow despite having hundreds of competitors in its footstep. Experts believe that Colgate dominated the industry through its marketing schemes.

It’s one of the few companies that took advantage of growing trends during the past decade. Some of its strategies still exist up to this day. One of them is through a simple internet activity known as blogging.


Almost everybody blogs nowadays, even those in the dental industry. Many dentists create a blog page to help their clients understand more about oral health. However, no one can defeat the thousands of oral health articles that Colgate has made.

Essentially, when it comes to all things oral health, you can visit the blog page found on Colgate’s website. You’ll find an array of blogs that talk about your teeth and various diseases. Some articles even talk about how your lifestyle can affect your teeth.

What makes these articles so good at marketing is that they contain information essential to their readers. This means that people will naturally go back to the page to improve their oral health. Dentists even approve of their articles, recommending people to read some of them to understand various oral diseases. But how does Colgate keep up with demand?

A big company like Colgate does have its marketing department filled with hundreds of employees. However, such a company also utilizes search engine optimization companies to do this job for them. One of the main reasons Colgate’s blogs are the first thing you see when you search for oral health on Google is because they utilize SEO. It’s one of the main reasons why they are so well-known in the industry.

Another way Colgate is promoting its brand nowadays is through its social media presence.

Social Media Presence

social media

Colgate has millions of followers on its Facebook page alone and thousands more in its other social media profiles. So its social media presence is enormous and very much active. If you check Colgate’s Facebook page, you’ll see that they post once every day. Posting once every day means engaging with their customers and bringing in potential customers into the product.

Moreover, using its helpful blogs and articles make these posts even more potent. The usage of internet personalities also makes these posts reach an even wider audience.

Control over social media plays a significant role in controlling your audience. This is because it’s such a powerful tool that can easily drive sales if done correctly. It’s one of the main reasons why Colgate is so successful in its marketing strategies, and it’s a tactic you should imitate as well.

Household Product

Another reason why Colgate is such a successful brand is that it’s such a standard household product. Therefore, the inherent nature of your product plays a big role in branding. In this case, items for oral healthcare are always essential, and when people require a certain product, they’ll likely recognize your brand even more.

You might think that certain products can’t be household products, but the case of Apple and its products have proven this idea wrong. Way back when the first iPhone was released, people considered it to be a luxury product. However, because of its constant marketing and positive relations with the public, iPhone products can be found almost anywhere.

Your sales can drive your marketing by increasing the need for your product. Regardless of what kind of product you’re selling, it’s up to your creativity to change the consumer perspective that surrounds it.

Reaching Out to Professionals

Lastly, Colgate is a company that is advised by professionals worldwide. We’re talking about dentists, orthodontists, and more. If you have thousands of professionals recommending your products to consumers, you have a good marketing strategy going in. This can quickly drive your sales to the roof in a matter of months. So consider professionals in your field to review your products. It’ll be a worthwhile investment in the future.

Colgate is considered one of the kings of digital marketing. It had exploited unique marketing strategies before they were known to the public. Because of that, it has become a household brand in many countries worldwide. Learn from the company’s success and implement the same tactics to your business today.