Can You Really DIY Roof Repair or Replacement?

Can You Really DIY Roof Repair or Replacement?

roof repairDeciding whether to have your roof repaired or replaced professionally or go the DIY route is an issue many homeowners face. Add that to the issue of determining if your roof needs to be replaced entirely or just repaired. Making sound decisions about your roof will make sure your home’s overall structural integrity won’t be compromised.

Common Roof Repairs

Re-roofing or repairing your roof will largely be based on its overall condition. If you notice leaks, it is oftentimes more cost-effective to re-roof instead of just making repairs. Older roofs displaying signs of wear and tear, such as broken concrete or clay tiles, will soon show signs of reduced performance and efficiency. Also, some homeowners tend to lean towards re-roofing when extending their homes, so everything will look consistent. Common roof repairs Perth, WA residents need include:

  • Replacement of missing, cracked or broken tiles
  • Rust Removal
  • Using flexible pointing for re-pointing
  • If applicable, re-bedding gables and ridges
  • Flashings replacement or repair
  • Application of various protective coatings
  • Gutter repair or replacement
  • Sterilisation and application of anti-fungicide
  • Waste removal
  • Complete pressure clean
  • Replacement of the entire roof, if required
The Need for Professional Roofers

The main concern about doing your own roof repairs or replacement is safety. Although it is very easy to find information online, there’s really no substitute for the equipment and skills professional roofers possess.

Because of lack of experience, most do-it-yourselfers often end up making mistakes that can lead to more damage to their roofs, such as leaks and issues in insulation.

A properly designed roofing system is a key element in safeguarding your home against different weather conditions. While there are minor roof issues that can be easily performed by the average DIY aficionado, more complex roofing issues should be left to professional roofers to ensure optimum roof durability and performance.


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