Catch the End of the Year Auto Sales

Catch the End of the Year Auto Sales

Buying a Car in RaleighIt’s the beginning of another year. Today is probably the best time more than ever to purchase a new or used vehicle. According to an expert from Auction Direct USA, the end of the year and the beginning of the new one is the perfect time for automobile shopping.

2016 Models on Sale

For brand new vehicles, dealerships and automakers want to get rid of 2016 models to make way for 2017 models. Demand is also low during this time, and sales representatives simply want to achieve their quotas. To get the best deal out of year-end sales, you can look for underperforming brands or models. Even the worst of 2016 cars are still top-notch in quality.

Cheaper Used Cars

On the other hand, you can also buy a used car instead. Reports say that used car prices are significantly lower than 2015 prices. The trend is also predicted to continue well into the next two years. You can wait until sometime in the next two years for a chance of even lower prices. You can also buy a used car now if you are in need of it immediately.

Plan a Little

Although prices have dropped, you can still take some time to prepare instead of rushing to a new or used car dealership here in Raleigh. You can start by obtaining financing if you do not have the savings. You can also find out the value of your car if you plan on trading it in for a new used car.

Final Price First

One expert tip for purchasing a used car is to finalize the price of a vehicle first. Refrain from mentioning any financing or trade-in. You can prioritize the final price of the vehicle of your choice. Only afterward can you negotiate for a trade-in or financing. In this way, you protect yourself from surprise or extra fees.

You can still catch theĀ end of the year deals if you hurry. You can also anticipate the end of December 2017 and early January 2018 to hold even more great automobile deals.