Common RV Issues: What Repairs You Can Do on the Road

Common RV Issues: What Repairs You Can Do on the Road

Recreational Vehicle on TripNo demanding people, no urgent schedules, no timetable. Just warm air in your face, awesome soothing music, and really good friends.

With long-haul road trips and recreational vehicle (RV) camping, you can do whatever you desire and feel like doing. It does not just offer peace of mind, but also relaxation and one-of-a-kind adventure – if done right.

Exploring the great outdoors once in a while is a great way to escape the hectic city life. Owning an RV is perfect for those with wanderlust. But not all plans can go smoothly as imagined. Here are the most common issues when going on a road trip, and what you can do about it.

Tyre Blowout

This may seem like no big deal, but an RV tyre blowout is dangerous when you are driving fast on the highway. The explosive force will not only cause damage to your trailer, but may also cause you serious injury or death. Before leaving, it’s best to check the tyre pressure and inspect for any damage. You need to be prepared, so you’ll know what to do when a front or back tyre blows., a supplier of trailer accessories, shares that bringing an extra tyre, a wheel bearing set, and a wheel levelling ramp can help. Always inflate your RV tyres to a specified pressure only.

Leaky Windows

As the weather starts to get cold, start sealing windows and inspect the roof before leaving. For a temporary repair, use a special sealing tape for RV roof. If the window’s problem is the gasket material, it’s advisable to apply new sealant.

Defective Battery

Owning an RV is a great way to embrace nature and explore those unspoiled areas. But it won’t get you anywhere if you have a faulty battery. Be it the RV won’t start or there’s no light, battery issues can be a pain. To fix this problem, you have to charge the dead battery and make sure there are enough fluid levels.

Spending a couple of days in the wilderness is both fun and exciting. Don’t ruin the moment by not inspecting and maintaining your RV. Prepare for the unexpected, so you can enjoy everything RV camping and road trips have to offer.


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