Community Service: What Is It and Why Is It Essential?

Community Service: What Is It and Why Is It Essential?

Any work done for the benefit of many is the lifeblood of society. As many of us may know, the most common form of this work is public service. However, not all of us can become politicians, of course. Regardless of that fact, the common people can also participate in public service, which manifests into volunteering, paid or otherwise, in this context.

Help other people

A popular example of volunteer work is community service. This often-selfless act can be found locally or on a national scale. It is done with a cause in mind and allows volunteers to extend helping hands in various sectors of society. Most of the time, we see community service occurring in impoverished areas, as volunteers immerse themselves in the lives of the less fortunate. But this is not the only form available.

Community service can also take place in cleaning projects. We should not always expect private cleaning companies, as well as utility staff, to do all the grunt and dirty work. Trash can cleaning in Sandy, Utah, for example, can be one way of helping.

Making a conscious effort to lessen the litter in our surroundings is important, no matter how small acts may appear inconsequential at the moment. This is especially critical nowadays considering the rapid degradation of our environment.

Learn new skills

Those of you who have never done volunteer work, and have no desire to, may find yourselves wondering what the point of doing community service is when countless others are doing it already. There are so many answers to this question, which vary depending on the person asking.

For students, they may find that it is a great addition to their list of experiences, all of which are being considered carefully in college admissions. Job skills are also earned not just by students, but adults as well. Some notable instances would be learning how to properly manage crises or learning more about history.

Develop social awareness


On a greater scale, however, it is not all about credentials. Community service helps develop a sense of responsibility in those who choose to participate in it. People who find themselves working with impoverished areas create a connection with the community. Social skills are improved, and relationships are made.

Volunteers also get the opportunity of enlightenment as they become aware of the plights of those who do not have the same privilege as them. At the same time, it also contributes to psychological growth.

Boost self-esteem

An instance would be in how it helps build up self-confidence. This is a result of the sense of accomplishment they get as they realize the good they are doing for others. Another is how it lowers stress level, creating a byproduct of reduced risk to mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

Given these benefits, many might find themselves intrigued by the prospect of volunteering. Whatever the motivation behind volunteer work may be, either altruistic or egoistic, it cannot be denied that it does so much good to our society.