Company Logos on Uniforms: The Simplest Way to Build Brand Recognition

Company Logos on Uniforms: The Simplest Way to Build Brand Recognition

Business owners know the importance of brand identity and recognition, but many forget the importance of extending brand identity to some “smaller” aspects of their branding. For example, they do not add their company’s logo to their team’s custom branded uniforms.

Adding your logo to your workwear is a simple gesture that leads to a more professional image. It also helps customers become more familiar with who you are as a business, as well as the following benefits:

Identify Your Workers Easily

Logos on uniforms help customers identify your staff. In busy hotels, shops, and restaurants, it can be difficult to tell who’s working in the shop and who’s not — especially if your uniforms are in basic colours.

Your company’s name and logo are vital elements of any uniform, especially when it comes to keeping customer service and satisfaction in mind. Help customers find people who can help them ASAP. Entertainers and sports teams are heavily branded with logos that are associated with them, so why shouldn’t you?

Set Your Business Apart


Logos make it easier for your customers to tell the difference between you and your competitors. By adding logos to your workwear, you’re going the extra mile in letting your customers know who you are and what you do.

Free Advertising

A logo on the uniform is a free form of advertising. When your employees travel to and from work or attend a networking event, they will walk around in their workwear. Members of the public will see and recognise your brand.

Increase Your Team Spirit

Did you know you can also encourage teamwork when you add your logo to your uniforms? This type of branding makes them part of your team. Stronger cooperation helps all of your employees be more productive, achieve their customers, and showcase their team spirit to your customers.

Why Do Some Businesses Refuse to Add Logos to their Uniforms?

The reasons are plenty. Some businesses may have bad experiences with their logos in the past. Perhaps the supplier made mistakes with the logo or your print faded, which ruined the look of their workwear. You can remedy this problem by switching suppliers and creating a logo with sturdier material so that it will last.

Other businesses might find it expensive. For small businesses, setting up a logo and putting it on a shirt could cut more from their budget. However, once you have a logo, you can use it for a long time. Plus, there are plenty of uniform manufacturers who offer flexible pricing!

Finally, some businesses have a very dated or elaborate logo style. Understandably, you can hold off the printing until you have re-vamped your logo design into something simpler or more in line with your business’s direction.

A branded uniform or workwear gives your business and your employees a more professional appearance, which is critical — especially if you want to develop a strong first impression on potential clients. Set yourself apart from your competitors with a simple branded uniform.