The role of dentistry in recapturing a youthful appearance

The role of dentistry in recapturing a youthful appearance

Dentistry techniques and top quality dental care can play a critical role in creating a stunning, youthful look with very little effort. In addition to restoring youth and vigour to the face, dental care also contributes to another dimension of youthfulness – health. The World Health Organisation broadens the concept of health to extend beyond the absence of disease and illness to encompass a wide range of well-being states such as physical health, mental health and social health. And in reference to all three states of well-being that is aided and abetted by looking and feeling youthful, optimal oral health has a little part to play in influencing quality of life: self-acceptance by self and others, impact of appearance in professional and social contexts and the positive effect on self-confidence.

When teeth and gums are free from decay or disease, an individual is more likely to enjoy better overall physical health. When an individual is capable of smiling without awkwardness or embarrassment, this confidence can uphold positive mental health. And if, thanks to healthy self-confidence, an individual can enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding social life.

If so much can depend on good dental health then it stands to reason that the care and attention provided by a dentist Luton is indispensable in maintaining a desirable quality of life.

Dental care to looking young

When it comes to an aged look, much attention has been given to distracting facial lines but it should not be forgotten that another component of facial features – the mouth – is an equal contributor to making one look older than they feel. Teeth imperfections including discolouration, chips, cracks and gaps can all have a devastating effect on dental appearance creating a youthful attractive appearance. According to the findings of a research study poor oral health was found to be a turn-off when judging the physical attractiveness of a person. Around 40 percent of the respondents reported food stuck in teeth to be the most off-putting factor with stained teeth taking third spot at 21 percent.

The following types of dental care can bring back a youthful appearance by minimising the signs of ageing:

woman with braces


There are many options available when it comes to the proper alignment of teeth including modern and traditional treatment options.

Professionally-applied teeth whitening systems

One of the most effective ways to achieve a bright smile quickly is to have a dental practitioner apply teeth whitening systems that are only allowed to be used in a clinical setting. This system would comprise concentrated levels of bleaching ingredients to achieve the desired level of brightness.

At-home oral hygiene obligations

Tooth brushing and daily cleaning of the mouth is the number one duty on the list of dentist-recommended guidelines. Keeping oral health in check improves the likelihood of living happier, healthier and longer.

For anyone who thinks their smile could do with the tender loving care of a professional dental practitioner should arrange for a consultation at Vogue Dental Care. The extensive array of dental treatments and procedures can transform and enhance the look of any smile.