Facelift vs. Thread Lift: Which is Better?

Facelift vs. Thread Lift: Which is Better?

Woman having her facelift procedureA surgical facelift can rejuvenate aging and sagging facial skin. A new minimally invasive technique, however, can come close to the results given by a facelift. The procedure involves no cutting and minimal downtime. You only need local anesthesia. You can get it as well if you feel you prefer not to have a facelift yet.

The Thread Lift

The minimally invasive procedure called the thread lift involves actual threads that dissolve after a while. A cosmetic surgeon passes these threads under your skin through a large needle. The threads then, using small cones on them, grab hold of your skin and pull them accordingly to give you a more youthful look.

Procedure Details

The procedure can be done under local anesthetic in as fast as 15 minutes. Downtime takes about two to three days and involves swelling and bruising. You can use the procedure for jawlines, jowls, foreheads, and brows.

Reasons for a Thread Lift

The thread lift allows you to receive facelift kind of results at a competitive price. The FDA has already approved the procedure; you can be sure that you can undergo it safely. The quickness of the procedure can also be a great reason for undergoing it.

Versus the Facelift

In the long run, however, a facelift in Utah may still be the more cost-effective solution. The Center for Facial Appearances notes that a thread lift can only last for at least two years, while the facelift offers a long-term solution. The facelift provides you with results that are comparably better than a thread lift’s. A facelift surgery pays for itself over time.

Now, you can still take your pick between a thread lift and a facelift. You may be unsure of a facelift, so you can choose a thread lift first. Alternately, you may go for a facelift if you want a more permanent solution.