Family Fun Business Ideas to Consider

Family Fun Business Ideas to Consider

Putting up your own business has several advantages, including (but not limited to) generating income, autonomy (being your own boss), and better work-life balance, among many others. Making it a family endeavor can make it much more meaningful in that you are giving your children early training in handling money, work discipline, and having something substantial to pass down through generations.

More than just embarking on a venture with your own family, you might consider actually opening a family-oriented business. Whatever your motivations are for launching your own business, below are fresh business ideas that cater to families that you can establish with, well… your family.

Camping Grounds

If you and your family enjoy the outdoors, chances are other families will, too. A camping ground business is perfect if you have the acreage for it. There is no need for major construction work that will certainly require substantial capital. All you need to get started is to develop the landscape, layout, perhaps a few fixed structures for the office, central kitchen, or toilet amenities, and basic equipment for rentals.

Besides making money from charging for a per-night stay, you can rent out equipment such as tents, grilles, sleeping bags, Wi-Fi, etc. You may even offer extras such as in-house cooking for the campers who prefer to just buy food instead of cooking it themselves.

You can even put a new spin on your camping site and angle it towards “glamping” which is an emerging trend among families who enjoy outdoor fun.

Summer Camp

If you have the land space, perhaps in the suburban areas, you may start up a summer camp facility that incorporates learning and nature. You can center on themes or topics that your own family is passionate about: is it a math camp, a sports camp, or a science camp? All you need to start with would be sleeping quarters, a playground or activity space, common dining, and family areas. You’ll just need to invest a little more in security and safety features like CCTVs, electronic fences, or perhaps even hire professional guards to secure the perimeter. After all, other families will be entrusting their children to your care for a specific duration of time.

You may even consider making it a family camp where parents are part of the learning activities. This could be marketed as a perfect memorable “stay-cation” that’s educational, fun, and enriching for everyone.

Bottled Baby Food

If you are a parent who loves to work in the kitchen, experimenting with homespun nutritious food for your children, you may think of starting a baby food business. You will ideally need a nutritionist background, knowledge in food preparation safety, and a good wholesale dealer for fresh ingredients as well as food-grade packaging.

Your brand’s edge can be unique natural recipes with less or no artificial preservatives. This business has real potential to rapidly grow from a home enterprise to a medium-scale food manufacturing and distribution operation that can make up to $30,000 a month if you partner up with local retail distributors.

Candy Store

On average, Americans consume around 24 lbs. of candy each year. This consumption or demand for sweets may spike during seasons, or depending on location, which is why you should factor these two elements into your business model. Will you be making your own candy under your own brand, or will you be a retailer of various candy brands?

Will you be a perennial candy store (open every day, all-year-round), or will you be a seasonal candy manufacturer, open during Thanksgiving and Christmas? Will you be a brick-and-mortar candy shop, or would you focus more on online markets and ship orders?

Baseball Batting Cages

If you are an entrepreneur who is also part of a family that’s passionate about sports, you might enjoy opening a sports-oriented business such as baseball batting cages. Places like this are great for family recreation, as well as athletes in training. You will make major investments in equipment and facilities, perhaps in the neighborhood of $50,000 and upwards, but projected profits can go as high as $40,000-$70,000 annually during the first 3 years.

As much as possible, invest in top-grade equipment that can set you apart from all the other baseball batting cage facilities. Acquire quality pitching machines, cages, and nets, baseball radar guns, display boards, etc. Ensure, too, that you purchase only baseball bats, mitts, balls, and helmets that pass industry safety standards.

Treehouse Customizer

If you have knowledge and background in construction, structural engineering, and tree growth, you may put up a business of designing and building treehouses for family yards. With enough experience and expertise, you may eventually expand your business from a business-to-consumer (B2C) model that caters to residential family yards to a business-to-business (B2B) model that builds treehouses for recreational park businesses.

Starting a business can strengthen a family’s foundations. With the help of your spouse and children, you can start a business that you can grow together. Not only will this shared accountability foster your relationships within the family, but each of those involved will also develop mutual interests in achieving success. And starting a family-oriented business means you will be fostering memorable experiences for other families as well.