Filing for a Divorce in Utah

Filing for a Divorce in Utah

divorceThe divorce process depends on the state where you’re filing it. For instance, a skilled divorce lawyer in Ogden, Utah may give you requirements that aren’t applicable in other states.Along with the Utah District Court,they’ll file the petition in the residence of either the husband or wife. In addition, this will only be effective if both or at least one has lived in Utah for three months.

Here are some things you need to know before filing a divorce:

Divorce Requirements

According to the Utah State Legislature, the grounds of divorce include the following:

  1. Irreconcilable differences, such as attitude and culture
  2. Committing adultery
  3. Abandonment or desertion for at least a year or more
  4. Habitual drunkenness
  5. Serious offense or crime
  6. Cruelty, resulting to body injury or mental distress
  7. Not providing the necessary needs ofthe spouse or family

In addition, you also need to agree onwho will take custody of the children, the amount of spousal support or alimony that you’llgive or receive, and how you’re going to divide your joint assets and debts.

Divorce Procedures

Utah state courts will call you to attend mediations, which you need to be present for, along with your divorce lawyer. This way, they can resolve the issues regarding the grounds of your divorce. Fortunately, it’s possible to waive the mediation procedure. If you’ve already told the divorce lawyer everything the court needs to hear, then there’s no reason for you to attend.For those with minor children, a mandatory divorce education class is also necessary.

The court may need a 90-day waiting period to finalize the divorce petition. This may take longer if both parties haven’t resolved and agreed on some issues, such as assets and custody.


Filing for divorce is difficult, but sometimes it’s the ideal way to make both parties satisfied. When looking for an affordable divorce lawyer in Ogden, Utah, make sure they understand how to go through this process carefully.