Four Ways to Further Grow Your Successful Online Startup

Four Ways to Further Grow Your Successful Online Startup

So you’ve successfully launched your online startup. You put up a website and eCommerce storefront and created social media accounts for your business. The first run of product orders has been fulfilled, your team is getting into a groove, and things are looking good – so good that you’re thinking, what’s next?

There are many ways a business can grow after a successful launch. Some are specific to your particular industry and target market – such opportunities, only you can uncover. General business advice can be helpful as well, such as establishing reliable customer service, researching your competition, and diversifying.

But when it comes to taking things further in the virtual world, there are some standout ways you can make strides forward. Here are four advanced steps to consider.

Increase search engine visibility

According to a 2014 study, just over 5% of clicks go beyond the first search engine results page (SERP). The vast majority of users stick with what shows up after the initial query – and of that number, more than two-thirds will click only within the first five listings. Sure, you have a website, but if you’re not showing up on the top listings for relevant queries, you’ll struggle to garner any kind of traffic from search engines.

Investing in ways to improve your SERP ranking is an essential path to growing your online business. You can pay for ads, though studies have shown low returns in this area. Search engine optimization strategies can be much more effective but may take time to yield results. Still, the sooner you get started, the better.

Create new and relevant content

You may be sharing new product details and upcoming promotions regularly on social media, but ask yourself – are you leveraging the platform? Identifying trusted influencers on social media can significantly expand your reach within your niche and beyond.

Don’t let your website – apart from the storefront itself – be static. You should blog regularly about your work, your industry, and related topics. You can use your business blog to build yourself up as a thought leader in your niche – answering common questions and authentically expressing yourself.

Incidentally, blogging – whether on your site or as a guest on other sites – helps drive traffic to your website, reach new customers, and promote existing content on your social media platforms.

Engage with the community

Don’t just post and forget; be an active participant in community discussions. Taking the time to respond to important questions personally establishes trust and shows that you care and are open to feedback.

Among your fellow entrepreneurs, look out for promising startups and the people behind them, and be willing to help them out with personal advice. As a form of reinvestment, mentorship is the best way to foster innovation and show real dedication to your industry.

Consider an app

close up shot of a person's hand designing a mobile app

A dedicated app for your business allows you to store consumer information related to purchases and preferences, send notifications and loyalty rewards, and enable end-users to access all your content in one place. Investing in software development personalizes your consumer’s experience, earning your brand a permanent spot on their screen.

With studies showing that over 50% of people check their phones a few times each hour, and a majority of us keep our phones at our side all day and night, this constant presence is invaluable for any business seeking to grow and establish itself.

Remember, having an edge in the online realm is only going to increase in importance in today’s world, and leveraging the tools available is going to play a major role in growing your online business.