It Takes More Than Just SEO to Establish Your Business’s Online Presence

It Takes More Than Just SEO to Establish Your Business’s Online Presence

SEO in PerthMany business owners assume that establishing their presence online is easy. After all, the only thing you need is a website, right? Unfortunately, the Internet is a totally different world if you compare it to setting up a business in real life and marketing your products and services.

Search engine optimisation is a tried and tested method that allows you to rank up your website, and in turn, make your business better known. Times change though, and although SEO is still a reliable, it takes more than just this one strategy to firmly establish your business online.

Social media is just one of these new strategies, but it is arguably one of the most effective and potent when you use it as part of your marketing campaign.

The Power of Social Media

From Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Instagram, social media platforms are fast becoming staples in online marketing, and for a good reason. Their power to influence and spread your online presence is nearly unrivalled and this same reason is why many businesses take extra care when they use this strategy; a well thought out social media marketing campaign can instantly boost sales, but make a mistake or commit a faux pas and it could mean the ruin of your business.

SEO Perth Experts note that on top of your regular search engine optimisation, investing in social media marketing is a good way to reinforce the business image that you already have in place. Think of it as word of mouth except on the Internet. Not only is it a lot simpler to do, it’s actually more effective as a lot of people spend more time on the Internet.

When you use social media, you also aren’t limited in the ways you can market your business. Aside from participating in forums and discussions, you may even create videos or infomercials. Viral videos, in particular, are a great way to target a wider audience, and can be what establishes your business as a household name.

If you’re planning on further expanding your business online, you shouldn’t rely on just one strategy to do it. While SEO does deliver results and allows you to rank up, it’s a good idea to utilise social media marketing campaigns if you want to extend the reach of your business’ presence and influence.