Prescription Painkillers: A Woman’s Gateway to Drugs?

Prescription Painkillers: A Woman’s Gateway to Drugs?

Male DoctorFor some women, painkillers can be their first step towards an illegal love affair with drugs.

A number of people worry about the potential effects of taking narcotic painkillers. Some believe that overdosing on prescribed medication can lead to addiction. If your doctor recommends meds to treat your pain and you take it as it is, then you have no problem.

However, if you cannot get past a day without it, you might have a problem.

What Studies Say

A study from Toronto, Canada believes that the route to drug addiction for most women begins with doctor-prescribed painkillers.

The research, involving 500 patients, found that 52% of the women and 38% of the men reported that painkillers were their first contact with opioid drugs, a family of medications that includes codeine and OxyContin. This also includes illicit drugs, such as heroin.

The study reports a number of factors that pushes painkiller use towards illegal drug use in women. According to senior author Zena Samaan, an associate professor at the McMaster University, the doctors often prescribe medication for women more than they do for men.

Why More Women than Men

The numerous factors stem from the different healthcare uses between men and women. Women acknowledge their health issues more than men, which is why they visit the doctor often. They report higher rates of pain and are also at greater risk for issues of chronic pain. Due to these, it is likely that doctors prescribe women higher doses for longer periods of time.

The Next Step

If you find yourself or a loved one slowly listening to the siren song of addiction, it’s time to take action.

Vizown, a recovery treatment center for women, recommends seeking professional help now before everything is too late. Don’t think that self-recovery is enough; doing so may result in severe consequences to you or your loved one’s health.

Fortunately, there are numerous women-only recovery programs out there willing to help. All it takes is a simple phone call or online consultation to receive the treatment you need for a better life.

A prescription is enough to turn your life upside down. Be the better woman and be cautious when it comes to dealing with medication.