Brake Pedal Too Low? 3 Most Likely Causes of this Car Concern

Brake Pedal Too Low? 3 Most Likely Causes of this Car Concern

Car ConcernAs one of the most important components of your automobile, your brake system has to maintain its optimal condition. Failure to keep your brakes working properly can lead to you and anyone else with you in the car can sustaining serious injuries in the event of an accident.

There are many things that can go wrong with a vehicle’s brake system, and having to make it go too far down before it reacts is a sign you are headed for trouble. Here are the three most likely causes of this particular automobile issue.

Not enough brake fluid.

Not having enough brake fluid can cause this problem. This is the easiest to troubleshoot and correct.

Just check how much brake fluid you have left and make sure you refill it to the recommended level. Look for the mark usually placed on the reservoir’s side – the brake fluid container should be up to this level.

Brake pad deterioration.

You should never allow your car’s brake pads to wear out that you would have to step on the pedal too far down. Not only will this compromise your brake system; it will also put you in danger. But just in case you already have this problem, get new pads and install them as soon as possible. A car repair service can help you replace the old ones in the correct manner.

Contamination of brake fluid.

Although brakes run in a sealed system, pollutants and contaminants can still find their way inside. Air can gain access through the tiniest hole or crack, while water can get into the system through moisture and condensation.

Since there is no surefire way to determine whether or not you have contaminated brake fluid, removing the existing supply and replacing it new fluid will help you eliminate the contaminants and your worries.

Keep these things in mind and will help you make certain your brake pads and pedal do not wear out before their intended expiration.