4 Indications that Your Forklift Needs Repair

4 Indications that Your Forklift Needs Repair

Forklift Maintenance in AustraliaTo make the construction project easier, you need to work with powerful machines such as forklifts. Whether you intend to buy or lease them, efficiency and affordability matter most. However, occasional servicing is important in maintaining high performance and efficiency. But is it easy to tell that the forklift needs to be serviced?

Koala Trucks Forklift Wholesalers shares some things that will tell you it’s time to have your forklift repaired.

Spongy Breaks

Brakes are important components of any vehicle or forklift where safety is a prioritised aspect. How the brake pads feel when you press them can tell much about the condition of the breaks. Operating a forklift with faulty brakes can not only be hazardous to the people and structures nearby, but also to the operator. If you feel the breaks are weak or soft, it’s good to inspect brake lines and fluid immediately.

Oil Stains on the Parking Ground

When you park the forklift for many hours in a particular place and later find oil stains on the ground, it could be leaking oil, fluid or fuel. Most mechanical experts link such leaking issues to other performance problems such as spongy brakes, poor fuel efficiency, and difficulty steering. Monitoring oil levels regularly helps you to maintain forklift’s peak performance.

Abnormal Exhaust Fumes

Most of the forklifts you find today burn cleanly and they don’t contaminate the environment. Whether you are using diesel or gas powered forklifts, you should check if the exhaust fumes released is unusual in any way. Strange fumes indicate the engine is not in good condition and they could also affect the health of the operator and those around.

Warning Lights

The warning lights you see from the information panel indicate the forklift needs to be serviced. These warning lights could indicate tire pressure is reduced, oil needs to be changed or the engine is developing certain mechanical problems. It’s important to note that the warning lights could be alerting you to other developing mechanical issues.

Maintenance services are important for increased efficiency and performance of any forklift. Failure to service the forklifts means they would not maintain high performance for a long time. Identify mechanical experts or auto stores where professional servicing is done.