Home Appeal: The Often Overlooked Security and Value Boosters

Home Appeal: The Often Overlooked Security and Value Boosters

WindowOld windows do not only reduce the overall beauty and value of your home; they can also serve as an access point for burglars and uninvited guests. In addition, aged or damaged windows can easily break when severe weather hits, causing unnecessary injuries.

You do not have to put yourself and your loved ones at risk of getting involved in such situations. Install a new, more innovative window and you can enjoy the following:

Tamper-resistant from both sides

One of the best features of new windows is tamper-resistance. Craftsmen Home Improvements, Inc. and other home improvement experts say that intruders will find it difficult to get through, especially if you chose those that have nifty features like break-proof or glazing.

When you go for window replacement services, you can rest easy at night knowing that you’re safe from anybody who wants to enter your home without permission. Choose top of the line windows also have tamper-resistant features on both the exterior and the interior sides.


Drafts are not the only risks of having old windows. When severe weather hits, you may find yourself in a situation with broken glass windowpanes. The broken shards can fly all over the place, injuring you or anyone in your household. You may think these cuts and lacerations are only minor in nature, but they can be hazardous if they hit vital nerves or the eyes.

Effective cooling and heating bill minimizer

Old windows already have gaps in them, causing drafts to flow into your home and making it feel chillier than necessary. The same goes during the summer season. These damages make your air conditioning system work harder, as some of the cool air it produces will leak out of these gaps. As a result, your heating and cooling bills go up.

Have your old, drafty windows replaced as soon as possible and save yourself from all the trouble brought by unwanted people while also saving on electrical bills.