How Does The Adoption System Work in Washington?

How Does The Adoption System Work in Washington?

Man with his adopted sonThose who wish to become a foster parent in Washington don’t have to pay fees for wanting to adopt a child, but there are certain things to handle such as training and licensing requirements.

Most foster parents only take in children for a short period, but only half of the children under state custody find their way back to their birth parents within two years. Some cases can be complicated, so some people decide to seek the services of a child custody law firm like Feldman & Lee in Kent.

Struggling Parents

The state’s child welfare system supports foster care yet it prioritizes children to be back under the care of their birth parents. However, that can’t be easy for some people who were once deemed unfit based on a court’s evaluation. Even after turning their lives around, it remains difficult to reunite with their children.

A birth family may even lose their rights to a child permanently if a court decides that they are not a role model among other factors. This is where foster parents step into the picture if other birth relatives are unavailable.

Requirements For Adoption

Foster and adoptive parents in Washington need to complete Core Training and orientation before they can proceed with their plans. You would also need to hold a license for foster care without any charges.

The only time when you would need to spend happens with seeking assistance from private adoption agencies in the state, which has fees for a home study, placement and post-placement services.


Whether you are an aspiring foster guardian or a birth parent, legal counsel will help in your pursuit of custody for a young person. You should consider hiring a lawyer who already knows the process in Washington, and preferably someone with extensive experience in family law.