How Much Should You Pay for Professional Sewer Line Cleaning?

How Much Should You Pay for Professional Sewer Line Cleaning?

Man cleaning the sewage line

The average price of cleaning the main sewer line in Utah might fall under the national for this year, which costs $299 on average. You could expect between $173 and $453, but the actual cost will depend on the method and scope of the problem.

Homeowners with trenchless sewer lines in Salt Lake City will have to spend around $160 per foot if those need repairs. You should only hire a licensed and insured plumber whether for replacement or repairs, especially if the problem involves a significant blockage. Improper cleaning can lead to sewage backup, and this might be a health and safety hazard.

Types of Cleaning

Some of the two commonly used cleaning methods for clogged sewage pipes include snake rodding and hydro jetting. Snaking is a cheaper option between the two, with prices ranging from $100 to $250. It can cost twice as much when the blockage exists on main lines. For more severe clogs, professionals will depend on hydro jetting to clear the debris.

The process requires the use of a high-pressure hose and usually provides better results than snaking, although you should expect to spend between $350 and $600 for this service. You should also consider the cost of labor ranging between $40 and $150 per hour, so timing the project is essential if you want to limit your expenses.

Alternative Solutions

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If all else fails, chemical treatments are another solution, and these run from as low as $50 up to $300. Homeowners should only choose this option since some chemicals can be harmful to the environment. Chemical solutions can be a useful maintenance tool to prevent the occurrence of clogs in the future.

Some of the chemical variants include copper sulfate that costs at least $15. Use it sparingly for roots. Drano and liquid plumber are much safer options for the environment for the same price, although these are not effective for main sewer lines. Other eco-friendly and effective alternatives are expensive, usually amounting up to $300.

Repair or Replace?

Don’t immediately decided to replace the main sewer line if a plumber fails to unclog it. Ask for another professional’s opinion before doing so. Replacements can be more expensive and time-consuming. When the main line’s pipes become damaged or if tree roots are deeply entangled, it might be time to install a new replacement.

Even if your main sewer seems functional, proper maintenance is vital to keep it in good condition. Have a professional snake the main drain at least once every year to clear debris. Household members should also avoid flushing solid waste such as tissues down the toilet. Over time, this could accumulate and lead to a clogged line. The same applies for dumping leftovers into kitchen sinks.

In the end, it can be hard to determine the source of a clogged sewer line, so homeowners should only call a skilled plumber to fix the issue. When choosing among different contractors, ask for the least three quotes for a better comparison of rates.