How to Keep Your Skid-Steer Loader Running Right

How to Keep Your Skid-Steer Loader Running Right

Skid steer loaders can be found in a variety of operations ranging from construction to farming. Thanks to this versatility, it has a high price tag. But it can be worth every penny. The problem is because of its usefulness; it is often pushed to its limits.

This is why you need to put some effort into proper maintenance for the loader. Here are some tips on how to ensure your skid steer loader is in top condition.

Train Your Operator

One of the best ways to ensure that your loader is in good shape is to train the operator properly. A good operator will not push the loader to its limits. Additionally, with a good operator, they know the required checks for every use and how to put the loader away.

For proper training, you can consult with the seller. If you want your loader up and running immediately though, you can hire an experienced operator.

Have the Right Spare Parts

Keeping your loader in good condition means being able to repair it. The great thing about loaders is that they are pretty simple in operation and you can easily fix them as long as you know how to do it. But to do that you will need the right parts.

This is why you will want to contact hydraulic cylinder dealers or suppliers, hose makers and other sources of essential parts to have a stock of replacements ready at any time.

Daily Maintenance is Important

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Your loader is going to need some daily maintenance. This will usually involve a visual check of your machine and its components. The attachment is the main focus since it is the workhorse of the loader and experiences the most wear-and-tear.

The hoses and the cylinders should be the next one on the checklist to see that they are in good shape. These checks can be a big help since they can notice whether some parts are experiencing problems. This can mean resolving issues before they become big ones.

Keep the Fluid Levels Up

Your loader works hard under harsh conditions. This can mean that it faces the danger of overheating. Fortunately, the system has its cooling system. You are going to have to ensure that the glycol levels are up. Your loader also has friction to deal with.

This is why you need the right filters and lubricants. Checking and changing the gear oil regularly will also help keep the loader running in good order.

Clean Up the Worksite

A loader can be prone to debris getting into its more sensitive parts. Though engine guards are available, you might want to clear up some of the debris regularly. At the very least, get it out of the are of the loader’s operation.

A skid steer loader is small and versatile that you will find it anywhere where you need to move large loads. It provides great time and labour savings, so keeping yours in good shape is a great idea. The tips above should help keep your loader operational for a long time. Follow them religiously, and you’ll be sure to keep that loader running for years to come.