Improved Window Features Go with Improved Home Security

Improved Window Features Go with Improved Home Security

Bedroom with window sunscreenMaking sure that your home is safe and secure has become a prime concern for many homeowners. Here are some window features for houses that will strengthen home security.


Louvres are window blinds that have horizontal slats to let in air or light. Some websites, such as, say that not only do louvres help in saving energy and ensuring that there is proper airflow into the room, but they also serve as an additional layer of security that will deter burglars and trespassers into your home.

Shade Screens

Aluminium shade screens are becoming increasingly common in homes all over Australia due to its stylish adaptability and its capability to block the sun’s heat and rays. But more than that, it provides a better security feature compared to window grills.

Window Grills

There was once a time when window grills were the best available option for those who wanted to have their home secured. Technology has revolutionised window security so much that this is no longer the case. While window grills have fallen out of fashion, it still presents a decent level of security to a home.

Door and Window Sunscreen

Door sunscreens may not provide strong security for homes, but it does give a certain degree of privacy. With door sunscreens, people outside will not be able to peek into your home. This quality also discourages burglars from trying to get into the house as they do not know the terrain beyond the door.

Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows are often mistaken for louvres due to their similarities. The main difference between the two lies in the fact that louvres cannot be adjusted. Their similarity, on the other hand, lies in their level of security.

Consider these window features the next time you want to protect the home from possible security threats. Safety always begins with awareness and vigilance.