Is Your Internet Connection Lightning-Fast Yet Susceptible to Cyber Attacks?

Is Your Internet Connection Lightning-Fast Yet Susceptible to Cyber Attacks?

Network cable for serversSingaporeans should not just use high-speed Internet without thinking about their online safety. Most users tend to consider fast connections, yet the reality is they are the weakest links in cybersecurity.

Very-small aperture terminal (VSAT) systems could be a solution to this. Satellite Internet secures your connection more efficiently whilst ensuring the availability of high-speed connections at the same time.

Convenient and Risky

Convenience serves as the primary cause for many users’ failure to adopt the ideal cybersecurity practices. For instance, people are more at risk of exposing themselves if they only use one password for all their bank, credit card, social media and email accounts. This makes it easier for hackers, as they prey on this common practice among unsuspecting individuals.

From a business standpoint, poor safety habits among end users likewise affect Singaporean companies. Hackers typically use email to gain unauthorised access to a computer system, so your corporate policy should only consider allowing text-only, HTML-disabled emails and domain name server lookups. That is because questionable emails often contain malicious links. All it takes is one unsuspecting employee’s click of the button to compromise your network.

National Security

Cybersecurity becomes more necessary when it involves national security as well. A report estimated that around 40,000 cases of cyber-attacks happened in Singapore between June 11 and 12 when U.S. President Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Most of the attacks focused on VoIP phones and devices that use the Internet of Things (IoT), especially those that were vulnerable. That said, using a secure Internet connection becomes more relevant either on a corporate or government perspective.

Cyber-attacks become more complex each day, so it is important that you observe best practices on digital safety. While companies and other institutions are more at risk of online threats, it does not mean end users are not vulnerable.