Keeping Your Boat in Tiptop Shape

Keeping Your Boat in Tiptop Shape

BoatYou have probably insured your boat just like most boaters. That’s a good way to help restore your boat in case of severe damages. However, you’re missing the mark if you depend on the insurance but disregard maintenance.

Avoid putting your watercraft and your enjoyment in jeopardy. Consider the following measures to take into account in properly maintaining your boat:


The harsh weather of Australia will cause your boat to wear and tear over time. A sturdy boat storage in Perth will reduce chances of damaging your watercraft. Furthermore, it will reduce or prevent the likelihood of theft. Remember that cars are not the only valuable items for thieves.

Applying protective coverings will help make your boat last longer as well. Use wax and anti-fouling paint to help keep your boat from dirt, water, rust or other harmful elements. Cover it with a durable cloth for extra protection. If you live in regions which freeze during the winter, shrink-wrap your boat or consider indoor storage facilities.


Scrub dirt, grime or salt residue off the surfaces with marine boat wash and a soft-bristle brush. If marine boat wash is not available, car wash soap and even laundry soap would be great alternatives. Rinse well with fresh water.

Occasional maintenance of parts

Occasional maintenance on the boats’ components is very important. While the frequency of changing oil varies by model, some experts recommend doing it annually or for every 100 operating hours. Check your propeller and apply waterproof grease on the shaft to prevent corrosion. Take the boat to your local dealer for assistance if you’ll have a hard time doing the repairs yourself.

Keep an eye for parts susceptible to damage such as fittings, ropes, bolts, nuts, screws, battery, fluids, engine, bilge pumps, and electrical system. Boating failures are attributed to loose, fraying or corroded parts, so make sure that all components are functioning properly before using your boat.

It takes proper maintenance and not just insurance to own a boat that will last longer. It prolongs the life of your watercraft and saves you money for repairs. More importantly, it guarantees your safety while you are on board. Don’t hesitate to get a little grease on your elbows. You will see how that small sacrifice paid off in the long run.