Knowing More About Skis

Knowing More About Skis

Ski Guide in Colorado For first-time skiers, they probably already know that there are ski rentals at Vail, Colorado and at other winter resorts. In your first ski trip, you may approach the shop and borrow your gear. When you pursue skiing, however, there will come a time when you have to buy your own gear. When that time comes, you may not have the knowledge to correctly choose the gear that is fit for you.

Here are some guidelines you can check out so you’ll choose the right skis:

Short Skis for Newbies

When it comes to the length of your skis, industry professional shares that there is no perfect size for everyone. There is a general rule, though, that you should pick a size which reaches anywhere between your chin and the top of your head when letting the skis stand vertically. Experts also recommend shorter skis for beginners.

Skis Designed for Beginners

Gender and skill level are other elements you have to consider when choosing skis. Men, women, and children each have skis designed specifically for them. In skill level, you can fit into one of five levels, which are: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert.

Narrower Widths for Novices

Waist width can determine which places are best for you to ski in. Skis can have waist widths from under 85mm up to more than 110mm. For beginners, under 85mm skis are recommended. As you grow more skilled, you can choose larger waist widths.

Better Skiing with a Rocker

Now, the rocker is another skiing element which helps with better maneuverability. You can have camber with no rocker, tip rocker/camber, rocker/camber/rocker, and full rocker skis. Experts advise that you lengthen your skis by 5 to 7cm for a tip rocker/camber and by 10cm for rocker/camber/rocker or full rocker.

Other Ski Details

Other important things to remember when buying skis are tail profile, turn radius and flex. For beginners, experts suggest skis with very soft to soft flex, a flared tail profile, and medium turn radius.

For more in-depth information on the technicality behind skis, you can learn during your ski shopping at a ski rental or ski shop. Part of being better in skiing is growing more knowledgeable about ski gear.