Leasing Guide: Minimising Problems Once the Tenancy Begins

Leasing Guide: Minimising Problems Once the Tenancy Begins

Tenancy agreementMost people think that the problems associated with property leasing ends when you finally find the right tenants. This, however, is never really the case. Even with the right preparation, difficulties between tenant and less or might still occur. When complaints do arise, it is best to resolve them as quickly as possible.

It is best to recognise that tenants have the right to complain about certain aspects of tenancy that they believe are not in harmony with the agreement. It is also important to acknowledge they have the right to have their concerns addressed properly.

McGees Property suggests a few ways to ensure that minor tenancy conflicts do not turn into major disagreements.

Get the Paperwork Right

Verbal agreements can be a major source of tenancy complaints. Make sure that all agreements are documented in detail. Draft an agreement that covers all aspects of property fixtures, maintenance, and fittings. It is also important to go through the agreement at the start, especially if you are working with someone leasing property for the first time.

Vary the Bond

It may be necessary to change up the bond every now and then over the course of tenancy. This is because the ownership of the property may change or you may hire a new managing agent. You can use Variation of Security Bond forms for any variation that can affect the record of payment details.

Approach Problems Properly

It is always important to resolve problems through calm discussions. Listen respectfully to your tenant’s concerns and think about your responses very carefully. Avoid blaming the occupants immediately; be reasonable and avoid jumping to conclusions.

Don’t Let Problems Add Up

Talk to tenants immediately if they suddenly start habitually falling behind with the rent or if any other issues come up. Do not wait until the debt is so large that it may be difficult to pay. While it is important to sympathise with the financial problems of tenants, this doesn’t mean that it is okay to let unpaid rent build up for months. Always remind them of their duties to avoid bigger problems in the future.

It can be beneficial to hire lease management experts when leasing your property. Seeking advice and negotiating expertise can offer variable solutions in successfully managing tenancy complaints and other property complexities.


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