Like Stars in the Sky: The Many Choices in Buying Jewelry

Like Stars in the Sky: The Many Choices in Buying Jewelry

Like Stars in the SkyWhether it is a man buying jewelry for his lady, or women shopping for their own use, they need to take some precautions. This is because artificial jewelry exists today – such as those made from imitation gold or precious stones – but the genuine articles, such as gold and diamond, never go out of fashion.

Still, if you want to find authentic pieces, mind the following three tips:

1. Go To Reputed Stores

In buying earrings, bracelets, necklaces or bangles make sure that you know what you are buying. Go to trustworthy shops. The money involved is higher for some exclusive jewelry, and if you buy from reputable dealers, it avoids unsavory transactions.

Unlike popular opinion, such stores still exist where they sell genuine pieces. You can design your own stuff and have them custom-made at these stores. These shops give customers proper documents such as a bill, the purity certificate for the metal, the value of precious stones in the pieces, applicable warranties, and the like.

2. Gold Ornaments

You must know the meaning of karat when referring to gold. This refers to the proportion of gold present in a particular piece. Pure gold is 24 karats. Nevertheless, you will not find any ornament made from 24-karat gold. This is because pure gold is supple and fashioning any form of jewelry with it is not possible.

Jewelers elsewhere in the world make 22-karat gold jewels. Normally though you can only find 18-karat ones. Jewelry below 10 karat is not even gold at all. The experts refer to this kind of ornament as gold-covered or gold-plated pieces.

3. Diamond Studded Ornaments

There are four features to consider while buying diamonds. They are clarity, cut, carat and color.

The cut is the most important aspect as this is what gives the stone its brilliance and symmetry. It could be machine-cut or hand-cut. The cut here refers to the polish, width and depth and not to the shape or size of the diamond. Engagement rings in Utah usually prefer the round cut.

Finally, purchase the ornaments from honest shopkeepers. Large discounts are not possible here, so be vigilant. The value of these pieces rarely depreciates. So get the pieces you love to cherish them for a lifetime.


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