Living Amid Nature: 15 Tips

Living Amid Nature: 15 Tips

Being amid nature has countless benefits to physical and mental health. According to the American Psychological Association, being in nature is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Studies have shown that just looking at pictures of nature can help to lower stress levels. Other benefits of being surrounded by greenery include:

  • improved air quality;
  • improved mood;
  • reduced anxiety;
  • increased focus and attention span;
  • improved heart health; and
  • reduced risk of developing allergies or asthma.

How to Surround Your Home with Greenery

Here are some tips to ensure that you live amid greenery and reap its benefits daily.

1. Decorate your interiors with live plants.

Potted plants are a great way to add color and texture to any room in your home. You can use plants as centerpieces on your dining table or accents in your home office. You can change the look of a room by simply changing the plants in it. Choose plants and planters that will complement your decor.

2. Use plants to improve the quality of indoor air.

Artificial plants may be less work, but they don’t provide any of the benefits of living plants. Indoor plants bring nature inside. Many of them improve air quality and increase the amount of oxygen in your home. They also help to control humidity levels. Common indoor plants that enhance air quality include the Boston fern, the peace lily, and the English ivy. Get a plant for your bedroom to provide you with some fresh oxygen while you sleep.

3. Choose plants that are safe for pets.

Choose plants that are non-toxic and safe for pets if you have animals in your home. Some good options include bamboo and spider plants.

4. Make a green wall or living wall.

A green or living wall does not take up too much space and is a great way to add some greenery to your home. These walls can include a variety of plants, including ivy, ferns, and moss.

5. Have a window garden or hanging plants.

If you don’t have much space for plants, consider having a window garden. Window gardens are easy to install and can be filled with herbs, flowers, or vegetables. Hanging plants are also space savers.

6. Have a decorative vertical hydroponic vegetable garden indoors.

You can find decorative vertical hydroponic planters where you can grow various vegetables indoors. It will grow even in winter. You can snip off fresh salad greens just before your meal.

7. Hang planters on your porch or patio.

If you have a porch or patio, hang planters on it. That is a great way to add some greenery and use vertical space.


8. Plant trees for shade.

Suppose you live in a hot climate, plant trees for shade. They will help keep your home cooler, improve air quality, and add beauty to your yard. If you are worried about upkeep, you can get help from a tree care service.

9. Use plants to create privacy in your backyard.

If you don’t have a fence in your backyard, consider using plants to create privacy. You can plant bushes and trees around the edge of your yard to help shield you from view.

10. Grow a garden in your backyard or on your balcony.

Growing a garden is a great way to surround your home with greenery. You will enjoy the beauty of plants and flowers. You’ll also reap the benefits of fresh air and exercise as you work in your garden.

11. Choose greenery that is easy to care for.

Not all plants are low maintenance; some require a lot of care and attention. If you don’t have much time to spend on yard work or taking care of plants, choose greenery that is easy to care for. Good options include succulents, cacti, and bamboo.

12. Grow your food.

You can transform your backyard into a mini-farm where you can grow vegetables and fruits for your daily consumption. That will ensure that your diet is healthier. It is also very satisfying to eat food that you have grown.

13. Use flowering plants to add color.

Flowers are not just for show. Many of them have a pleasant scent that can be enjoyed outdoors and indoors. Use flowering plants to add color and fragrance to your home.

14. Hang a bird feeder.

A bird feeder provides birds with a place to eat and can be hung in any spot that gets some sun. You will enjoy hearing the birds throughout the day.

15. Add a garden pond or water feature.

A garden pond or water feature is a great way to add some life to your garden and make it more relaxing. You can fill a pond with fish, frogs, and other wildlife. A water feature can be as simple as a small fountain or as elaborate as an artificial

Relax in Your Own Green Oasis

Adding plants and greenery to your home is a great way to make it more relaxing, beautiful, and healthy. You will enjoy the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and being surrounded by nature. Consider using vertical space or hanging planters if you want to add some plants but don’t have much space. You can also install a garden pond or water feature to really bring life to your yard. Enjoy your natural haven.