Living with Help: Signs your Parents Need it

Living with Help: Signs your Parents Need it

For someone who has lived independently most of their life, suddenly needing help to perform the most basic daily function is a change that one has to get used to. Often than not, it is difficult for the elderly and the loved ones themselves to assess and know exactly when help is needed.

However, seeking help is crucial, especially for the safety and the comfort of the ones involved. Assisted living services in Ogden is available to help the elderly and their families live more comfortable and safer lives. However, knowing when to seek help is very important.

This is the first step in knowing the kind of assistance your parents would need to help make their daily lives as comfortable as possible.

The house is a mess

Elderly people who live alone have the capacity to run and maintain a household. However, once deterioration strikes, things will not be the same again. Having a messy house is often the first sign that your parents would need assistance.

It can be as simple as having someone who will come help them clean and organize things on a regular basis. Or a professional who will also take care of their meals, nutritional needs, and even hygiene. Be observant.

Even the slightest changes in the house and how it is ran can be a sign that your parents are struggling and needs help without them even knowing.

Lack of proper nourishment

It is important for old people to have proper and regular nutrition to keep their bodies healthy. Make it a habit to check on your parents’ fridge and pantry when you come for a visit. This will give you an idea about what they eat and the kind of nourishment their bodies receive.

If your parents are sickly or have significantly lost weight, having someone to help cook meals for them and make sure that they eat food with enough nutrients is necessary. Eating healthy is one of the easiest ways to protect the body from diseases and boost the immune system.

Accidents happened at home

Did your mother slip and hit her head in the bathroom? Or did your father miss a step while going down the stairs? These seemingly small accidents might seem harmless, but the effect of these to the elderly is different and can even be detrimental.

Prevent such accidents from happening again by having the right kind of help and assistance at home.

Medications are needed

senior woman getting a warm drink

If your parents are on medication that they need to strictly take, having someone to assist them when taking it would be helpful. Old people often forget things and medication is almost always one of them. Having someone to give the right kind and amount of medication for the day is crucial for every person’s health.

Every parent is different and thus, the things which signal that your parents need assistance might also vary. But being observant and sensitive with the things that they need, even though they do not say it or ask for it can help in a lot of ways.