Making the Most of your Hotel Stays

Making the Most of your Hotel Stays

Leaving your home does not always mean leaving comfort behind. In fact, staying at the right hotel will give provide you not only with comfort but also convenience. There are a lot of hotel rooms to choose from in Door County.

Regardless of whether you book a 3-star one, or splurge in a 5-star hotel, making the most out of your stay (and your payment) is a trick that would come in handy. Below are some things to take note of to make your visit not only worth it but also enjoyable and memorable.

Early check-in, late check-out

Checking into a hotel

Most hotels allow guests to check-in at 2 pm and checkout at noon the next day. However, requests for early check-in or a late check-out is something that a lot of people request. In most occasions, they are allowed to do so without additional charges or any penalty. All you have to do is ask nicely.

Regardless of whether you stay an hour or half a day more, spending a long time in your hotel without making additional payments is a win.

Let special occasions be known

Celebrating your honeymoon, a birthday, your anniversary, or other special events in your life? Letting the hotel know about these celebrations will almost always guarantee you additional services or even a room upgrade.

Learning the art of subtly sharing such celebrations with the front desk can help you enjoy perks that can make your stay even more memorable.

Look and sound respectable

You might be tempted to just go in your shorts and shirt to fully be in vacation mode. But dressing appropriately and looking respectable can help staff in the front desk listen to you more attentively. Also, using hotel language or jargon will give the impression that you are an experienced traveler and hotel stayer.

The more you know about what you are talking about, the better leverage you would have.

Skip online booking sites

Online booking sites might give you the lowest deals, but you might also get the smallest or “ugliest” room in the hotel. So, if you really want to save and enjoy additional perks, booking directly with the hotel can give you better chances of having that room with a view and a bigger bed, than booking online.

This is because your chances of being a returning customer are higher when you book directly than when you book online.

Be loyal

Learn the names of the people you are transacting with. The next time to return to the same hotel, the staff will know you and will give you extra service and better perks even without you asking. Loyalty is a huge thing in the hotel business.

Tip generously

Hotel staff

The more generous your tip is, the better service you will receive. Plus, the perks that you will get to enjoy are also enormous. So if you want to make the most of your stay, tipping generously will build a good foundation not just for the present, but also your future visits.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you make the most of your hotel stays and make the most value for your money.