New Law Protects Consumers from Ticket Scams

New Law Protects Consumers from Ticket Scams

custom ticket printingTicketing is one of the ways to make sure your events are organized all throughout. Unless it’s free-seating, that small piece of paper or plastic tells which seat on what row in a certain section your guests will settle in. Ticketing systems are simple yet very effective in filtering out gatecrashers from those who paid to see the show or participate in the event.

Filtered Reselling Process

Some people gatecrash by going through backdoors, while others play it a little safe by faking tickets. In Canada, authorities introduced new rules regarding ticket reselling. The law “prohibits the sale of tickets at a price higher than that at which they were first issued.”

People can’t resell tickets at a profit. Resellers can only increase the price if the original vendor verifies the tickets as genuine. Also, scalpers have to provide the buyers with a money-back guarantee. Officials won’t police ticket resale, and resellers have to create a ticket verification system on their own.

The legislation took effect on July 1 and it received mixed reactions from people. For consumers, it’ll help reduce the risks of buying second-hand tickets, although it can increase the prices. Ticket sellers see no point in implementing such laws because it somehow sanctions scalpers from doing what’s wrong.

Secured Ticketing System

For event organizers, the agents from say that custom ticket printing comes with advanced security features that impede illegal replication and reselling. On the part of the buyers, it’s wise to get your tickets from certified ticket booths or make sure the reseller is legitimate to avoid ticketing scams.

With numerous big concerts and sporting events happening, ticket scammers are increasing in number. Police recently arrested a man for allegedly reselling fake tickets online. The common modus operandi of these criminals is copying the barcodes of tickets with minimal or weak security system.

Laws are like ticketing systems because they’re meant to keep the society organized. As the ticketing rule in Canada is relatively new, it’ll surely undergo developments for the betterment of the society.


3 thoughts on “New Law Protects Consumers from Ticket Scams

  1. Guys don’t post pictures of your tickets on social media sites before the event to prevent ticket scammers from duplicating the barcodes. If you really want to brag that your boyfriend or girlfriend bought you tickets to the concert, cover the barcode area.

  2. There is no simpler and better way to avoid getting scammed. Just don’t buy tickets from scalpers, unless you know them personally. As much as possible, get yours on the box office.

  3. I agree that you go directly to ticketing booths. But in case you have no other choice but buy from scalpers, make sure the tickets are real before paying them. If resellers refuse to verify the tickets, don’t be afraid to walk away. Maybe it’s just not your day.

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