Pimp Out Your Truck: A Guide to Making Your Vehicle Stand Out

Pimp Out Your Truck: A Guide to Making Your Vehicle Stand Out

Trucks are a great car to have. They can handle rough terrains, they have a lot of power, have durable suspensions, offer an all-wheel drive, and excellent ground clearance, among others. People who love to explore off-road choose a truck and they also prefer it because it is cool and functional. But you might be tired of the way it looks if you did not mod it.

Here are six simple ways you can upgrade your truck to make it stand out.

Lift Kits

If you like owning a big car, then you can get a lift kit to mod your truck. You can add height to your vehicle without spending a lot of money by getting a leveling kit. They can add about one to three inches of height. You can still keep the truck’s warranty if your dealer installs the parts.

Tires and Rims

Beefy tires and new rims are one of the quickest ways to make your truck unique. If you go off-road where having 17-inch wheels are ideal, remember to not go overboard on your rims. If you go on rough roads, your wheecar rimls could go out of round and be heavier. The key to choosing your rims and tires to make sure the rim offset and the size you choose will not let the tires rub on the body.

LED Light Bars

A light bar is a great way to illuminate dark roads and catch everyone’s eye. You can put the light bar on the back bumper to easily load in the dark or reverse. You can also put it above the cab or behind the grille. If your goal is to add more style to your truck, LED police lights are a fantastic choice. Make sure a qualified technician installs your lights to avoid an electrical issue and fire.

Side Rails

Your factory running boards, also known as nerf bars, are not that strong. They offer you a place to step and protect your truck from rocks. If you get new side rails, it is a great way to make a statement. It can show the world that you are a real off-roader.

Front Grilles

If you want to make a huge statement, then you should start at the front of your truck. You can get another grille that has a prominent snout to capture everyone’s attention. You could search online for inspiration for what you want to get. You could also ask your dealer what upgrade would suit your truck and style.

Mud Flaps

A lot of people forget about getting mud flaps, but you should get them. A piece of metal or plastic can make a world of difference. It will save you from a world of trouble because they keep you from scrubbing mud off of your tires every week. Plus, they keep stones from shooting off from under your tires that scratch the bottom, which can significantly damage your paint.

You do not have to settle for a simple truck. You can get cool and functional mods for it to make it truly yours.