Preparing Your Restaurant Patio for Fall and Winter

Preparing Your Restaurant Patio for Fall and Winter

Summer is the ideal time for outdoor seating. Your restaurant or cafe can attract tons of customers simply by putting some cute stools and tables out front. But when the cooler season comes in, it becomes harder to attract a customer who’s willing to be seated outdoors. If your restaurant or cafe has a large deck that you simply need to utilize, here are some great ways you can make use of this space even in the cooler season:

Get outdoor lamps or heaters

Fall does not mean that the fun has to stop. In fact, if the only thing preventing people from being outside is the cold, then there are many ways you can work around this problem. You can even use it to your advantage by firing up a fireplace or a pizza oven. This will warm up the entire place, and the smell of burning firewood or baking pizza will lure people out. You can also put up heaters and gas lamps, which all add to the cozy feel. You can use radiant heaters, which use infrared light and are more energy-efficient. They are also safer for your establishment.

Put out warm blankets

Add to the cozy feel by putting out some warm, furry or woolly blankets that your guests can cuddle in. Combine this with nice, soft couches or oval chairs, and you have the right environment for early evening wine and dine. You can also put out heated chairs or heated blankets, which will make it difficult for guests to get up and leave. This is particularly applicable for cafes, who can use the winter to add blankets near the windows, where people can curl up with a cup of coffee and a book.

Turn it into a beer garden

watching a game and drinking beer

You might think that a beer garden is a summer idea. But a deck — covered in a tent, with hissing gas lamps, beautiful decor, and bustling with people — is the perfect beer garden for fall. Fall is when the best craft beers come out, and you can really enjoy the depth and earthiness of strong, brown ales and meads. It is also the perfect time for cider and pumpkin-flavored beers, so let it loose by turning your deck into a German-style beer garden. If you are situated on the high street, you will draw in Christmas shoppers easily. You will never run short of a crowd even when it gets chilly outside.

Put some glass igloos out

Why should the fun stop in fall? Extend your deck’s life well into winter by adding clear, fiberglass igloos out front. They can seat a couple, and they are insulated. They are the perfect place to cuddle up for a date night when it starts snowing outside. Supplement this with a giant Christmas tree, and you can really tap into the spirit of the season.

Winter is surprisingly a great season for enjoying the great outdoors. People love the feeling of being warm while getting to enjoy the crisp breeze and clear skies. Your restaurant can really make use of this.