Built-in Seating: Suitable Designs for Your Patio

Built-in Seating: Suitable Designs for Your Patio

When adding a patio into your property, you know you need to consider several things. These include your use of the patio and the different types of furniture you will need to make your design a reality. While there is a broad range of furniture options, one of the cheapest alternatives now lies in in-built seating. This is easy to use, comfortable, spacious, and inexpensive.

Experts specialising in the construction of patios in the Sunshine Coast explain that built-in seats will meet your needs and match the patio’s construction. Regardless of your choice, you can further customise it using plush pillows and paints. Here are some of the options for your patio.

Sitting Wall

This is a low-level wall that demarcates different sections in your patio and provides seating space. Sitting walls can run the perimeter of your patio or be inside different parts of your patio. Concrete and natural stone are the choice materials for sitting walls since they are strong enough to withstand various weights and elements.

The walls can be simple benches though a few also have a backrest that further enhances the privacy of the enclosed space. Tiered sitting walls also provide space along the top edge for the placement of flowers that boost the look of your patio.


You can use the posts for building your patio to install a hanging hammock. These include those you will use for mounting your awning or supporting the structural elements of your patio. The structural posts used in this instance should be strong enough to support different weights. Though this usually means using more expensive posts that you might have envisioned, the price will be worth it.

Floating Seat

This is generally made of concrete or wood. It resembles a floating chair but is supported by the walls of your patio. This lends it an exciting twist that transforms it into a design element in your patio and allows you sufficient floor space. Other than floating seats, you can have floating sinks and shelves installed to create a floating like atmosphere in your patio.


girl swinging

These add an attractive, laid-back and comfy seating alternative to your patio. There are two types of swings used in patios: frame-built and those suspended from an overhang. Overhang swings are suspended from a chain installed on your patio’s roof while a separate frame supports the frame-built ones. Either way, both options give your patio adequate floor space.

Planter Seating

This option combines a planter and bench in your patio. Your patio’s design will feature a flat space with planters near the patio’s wall and a bench-like seating in front. This combination is space-saving and transforms it into a green space guaranteed to give you fresh air and optimal airflow in your patio.

People assume that furnishing your patio begins after its construction and is generally the most expensive element of your patio’s installation. The above alternatives, however, cut back on the expenses of furnishing your patio after its construction. This way, you can afford a comfortable and beautiful patio whatever your budget.