Enclosures Do Wonders for Patios and Porches

Enclosures Do Wonders for Patios and Porches

A porch or a patio is a great addition to any house. It extends the living space and can be utilised for dinner parties, get-togethers or simply just to relax in whilst reading a book and sipping a cool drink. However, an open patio or porch can’t be used throughout the year. Depending on where you are in Australia, the sun shines too fiercely in certain months or it’s raining. Add to this that being outdoors makes you fair game for bugs, and it’s easy to see why your patio or porch is underused.

An enclosure solves these problems and the price makes it an attractive option over an extension or even having to move house.

Let in the light

The point of an enclosure is to bring as much of the delights of the outdoors inside, to feel as if you are outdoors yet have control over the elements and your comfort. An enclosure should allow natural outdoor light to come in, otherwise the space is really just another room in the house. As such, glass is a popular material as it helps keep an area cool as well as allowing maximum natural sunlight to come in.

Glass enclosures are beautiful structures. Being made of transparent material, they are distinct from the rest of the house, yet never overpower the overall aesthetic.

A glass enclosure is equally as impressive at night. Holding a dinner party with a view of the outdoors, yet being completely in control of the environment means that a porch or patio serves its function without any inconvenience or hindrance.

Setting up your Patio Area

Faster and more economical

Additional rooms built in the traditional way take longer and cost more to build than an enclosure. They are built using different materials, with the outside using concrete or brick and the inside lined with drywall and then painted. Often they have to be connected to the household systems such as electricals, heating and air conditioning and sometimes plumbing. Such rooms often take months to construct and can come with a hefty fee. Without these requirements, prices for patio or porch enclosures are generally much cheaper than for a traditional addition and construction is often quicker.

3 or 4 seasons?

Depending on what type of enclosure you select you’ll be able to use them all year round or most of the year. There is a difference in purpose between a 3 season and 4 season enclosure. As the name implies, a 3 season enclosure can be used for all seasons but is not built for winter use as it has no heating. This is fine if you live in places like Brisbane where it rarely gets too cold. A 4 season enclosure is built to be heated or cooled and will be usable anywhere you are in Australia in any season.

Patios and porches needn’t be underused. An enclosure not only adds a great deal of utility to your house, is also beautifies it and increases its market value. If you do decide to take the plunge, make sure you consult with the experts. As simple as an enclosure sounds, it’s always best to leave these types of construction to the professionals.