Values an Extraordinary Account Manager Should Have

Values an Extraordinary Account Manager Should Have

Working diligently and being up to date with the latest business philosophies is not enough to make sure that you’re always at the top of your game. A foolproof system may be running in your workplace, but do you have the foundation to ensure that this will not be wasted? Apart from taking account management courses in the UK, here are some things you could do.

1. Be patient

It may be a cliché, but the first impression is important. How you approach, your client will determine your next encounters. So do your research. Get rid of the cookie-cutter and disingenuous gimmicks just because you want to close the deal.

See them as a partner, not a number. Learn about their business and industry. Be up to date with relevant news. You don’t have to be an expert but at least be updated enough to hold a meaningful conversation. Take the time to get to know them. It is important to build a personal relationship.

2. Value communication

If you’ve been patient enough to create a relationship, maintain it through valuable communication. One way is by approaching customer service calls with positivity. This is an old rule in business that is often taken lightly. Express to them that you value their feedback and opinion.

Utilize this as a way to find out how you can improve your client’s experience. Be fair in the way you communicate with your client, no matter the size of their business. The aim is for them to see you as a partner that they can grow with.

Try to maintain a relationship with stakeholders, such as acquisition officers, within your client’s enterprise. This is so that even if they decide to sever their tie with your client, you are at the top of mind whenever their new employer is in need of your service.

As a caveat against making your manner seem delusive, be personable in your approach and avoid using transactional language. Your goal should not always be to close a sale at every call but rather to be at the top of mind even if other options may be available to them.

3. Be reliable

woman with client
Now that you’ve established a rapport with your client utilize the feedback you’ve gathered to create a customized experience. Be open to ad hoc requests. Evaluate and discuss whether this is something to be prioritized or be pushed at a better date.

Reply to inquiries promptly and if it is beyond your expertise, connect them to the right person. Be certain to follow up whether they got their response. Go the extra mile in finding solutions to their concerns.

See if this is something that is line with your business and will be beneficial to offer to your client. This can even be a new source of income for your company. They will also, in turn, see you as someone that they can depend on.

Keeping your skill updated is important. But you should back this up with the correct values and attitude. This basically means that you should be an all-around pleasant lad on top of your skills.