Wooden Porches and How to Maintain Them

Wooden Porches and How to Maintain Them

A modern porch designA wooden porch allows a smooth transition from the indoors to the outdoors and vice versa. Other than having a small space to relax, wooden porches add beauty to every home. That is why it is important to always keep it well maintained.

Below are simple ways to maintain a porch in your New Zealand home, from the wooden steps to the whole deck.

Check for problem areas

The most important step in maintaining your wooden porch is checking for problem areas. This means regular inspection should be conducted to know which areas are in good condition and which ones have signs of abnormalities. Identifying the problems will help you know the steps you have to take.

Repair faulty spots

Is it a stain or a rotten part? Is your deck infested with pests? Once you find the faulty spots, the next logical step would be repairing it immediately. Doing so can help prevent damage from spreading further, as well as keep your porch safe for your family.

Clean it regularly

Clean it by sweeping every day or using soap and water to brush off dirt and debris at least once a week. Using a specific deck cleaner can make cleaning easier while nourishing the wood.

Seal and protect

During the summers, it is important to seal and protect your wood with sealants. This is in preparation for the damp and cold season when water can easily seep into the woods and damage it.

Do you have a wooden porch that requires TLC? Maybe it’s time to start giving some attention to your porch and take care of it the way you should. You will be surprised at the positive changes it will bring to your home.