3 Things to Remember When Prepping for Winter

3 Things to Remember When Prepping for Winter

Cars covered with fresh white snowAre you prepared for winter? Lots of ice, snow, and snowed-in days can be stressful for many people, especially when they’re ill-prepared. Being stuck at home isn’t really a bad thing, but it can easily get ugly when something goes wrong like someone being sick or the furnace breaking down!

Here are some tips to be best prepared for the freezing season.

1. Schedule home maintenance.

There are few things worse than being stuck in a cold house in the middle of a strong blizzard. There are no maintenance companies that can come to your house because you are all snowed in. The kids are running out of blankets to wrap themselves with. It’s just a full-on disaster!

Avoid this by making sure you have your heating system checked at least once a year and make sure that you don’t need a furnace repair, especially out in cold Utah.

Doing this during the spring or fall can save you from lots of nightmares brought about heat being shot unexpectedly in the middle of the heaviest snow days. Remember, it can happen!

2. Stocked up on the basics.

There are times when the ice is so thick that the power goes out. Make sure that you’re well stocked and ready for these unfortunate moments. Here’s a good basic list you can build off of:

  • Plenty of thick and clean blankets
  • Batteries, flashlights. Avoid candles as there’s still a risk of fire during winter and firefighters will have a tough time getting to your home when it’s storming outside.
  • Lots of salt for icy sidewalks
  • One or two space heaters
  • Phone numbers of emergency services written down
  • A bag for each person in the family containing basics in case you’d need to relocate
  • Some medicines and first aid kits

3. Stock the kitchen up.

Man Looking Inside Fridge Full Of Food And Choosing AppleWinter may be tough and the days may be gloomy, but it’s also a great time to enjoy soup with the whole family! Stock up well on soup ingredients. This helps not only warm up the whole family, but it can also stave off common colds and coughs, especially for kids.

It’s a great way to get nutrients in especially because it’s extra tempting to eat junk food during winter. Fill up the fridge and the pantry with meats and bones for stock, root veggies and aromatics for thick chowders, and even porridge mixes when somebody needs a quick hot snack.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that in case of a warning you might not be able to go out so it’s also good to stock up on food that can last a long time. Peanut butter, frozen fruits for cereal and oats, shelf-stable dairy, and canned fish and meat are just some things that you want to have on hand. Of course, lots of water!

Being prepared for winter means that you’ll get to keep your family safe and warm from the milder to the coldest days. Winter can be magical, but it can also be daunting. It’s best to be prepared!