4 Easy Tricks to Keep Your Home Warm

4 Easy Tricks to Keep Your Home Warm

Double Glazing for Winter with Snow and icicles plus beautiful Sunset reflection from adjacent hills with room for text aboveKeeping your indoors warm through the winter is one of the best ways to make your home comfy for you and your family. There are many simple things you can do to achieve this, some of which are remarkably affordable. Here are four of the commonest ones.

Use waterproofing sealants

Few products can help keep your house warm like waterproofing sealants. These products are designed to inhibit the transference of moisture into your living space and are perfect for the floors, walls and roofs. You can find a range of these waterproofing sealants at the local suppliers in Sydney such as Waterproofing Direct. Talk to your contractor to find out what works best for your house.

Choose windows and doors that have tight air seals

Go for doors and windows that have proprietary draught-proofing strips. Also, fit retractable draught seals below your hinged doors. In case you have double hung windows or sliding doors, install overlapping brush seals to seal out the air. For casement and awning windows, use self-adhesive neoprene pillow.

Replace open-vented downlights

Open-vented downlights allow air leakage, making the house cold and uncomfortable. You can replace them with up lights at ceiling levels, hence preventing penetration of cold air into the house. In case your lighting emits a lot of heat, ensure it’s in an open space, so it doesn’t interfere with your house’s insulation.

Avoid open fireplaces

Open fireplaces are very inefficient as they draw in lots of cold air for combustion, making the entire room cold. Use dampers inside chimneys that you occasionally use to avoid air leakage when they are not being used. Many states have regulations that require that homeowners fit dampers to new chimneys.

If you can waterproof your home and seal it against air leakage, you should be able to make it through the winter comfortably while saving significantly on energy bills. While many of the ways to seal your house appear incredibly simple, they usually bear astonishingly good results.