Warning Signs You’re About to Hire a Bad Lawyer

Warning Signs You’re About to Hire a Bad Lawyer

Businessman and woman interviewing a lawyerIf this were a perfect world, any lawyer out would there be perfect for you. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and you need to be diligent as you go about choosing someone to represent you. That involves having the ability to spot telltale signs that an attorney’s competence, work ethic, or attitude isn’t suited to your needs.

They have poor work habits.

A lawyer’s work habits will tell you whether they’re competent or not. Your divorce attorney in Boulder, Colorado should answer your emails, return your calls, and give you an honest answer about your situation. If they’re either too busy to give you some time for some answers, it’s best to look somewhere else. Be on the lookout for missed deadlines, attitude problems, or the refusal to provide references, too.

Their offices are unorganized and messy.

An attorney’s work area will tell you whether their work personality suits you. Does the office look in a state of disrepair? That could be a sign that the firm has serious financial problems. If the office looks disorganized, the lawyer could misplace important paperwork, leading to delays in your case.

Their staff looks unhappy.

During a visit to the lawyer’s offices, check and speak with the staff. That will tell you a lot about how the attorney interacts with his employees and is an important pointer to their ethics, reliability, and competence. If the employees seem disgruntled, it could be that the lawyer treats them poorly. That’s an attorney you don’t want to work on your case.

Your attorney will help you win or lose a case, so be careful who you hire. Make sure you find someone who has the knowledge and the right work etiquette that suits your case.